CPA publication on forward tipping dumpers

Here’s a publication on staying safe when operating forward tipping dumpers.

It’s an essential read for any new or experienced dumper operator for some useful guidance on how to stay safe.

CPA Operational Safety Guidance: Staying safe when operating forward tipping dumpers

It includes the following sections:

  • Pre-work knowledge
  • Preparation
  • Travelling and manoeuvring
  • Being loaded
  • Transporting a load
  • Discharging a load
  • On completion of work
  • Preparing to and completing work
  • Working safely and with others
  • Operating requirements
  • Stability and overturning
  • Planning and supervision
  • Dumper selection
  • Informing others
  • During use and after use

Thanks to CPA for their work in producing this highly useful document.

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