Telescopic handler – suspended/ underslung loads under CPCS


CPCS are scheduled to release a new category in 2016 to cover the lifting and transport (pick & carry) of suspended loads with telehandlers using hook attachments.

This has been an eagerly awaited endorsement owing to the confusion over using telehandlers with suspended loads on a number of sites.

The Strategic Forum – Plant safety Group published a document outlining good practice when lifting and travelling with suspended loads using telehandlers. SFPSG-Guidance-Lifting-Suspended-Loads-with-Telehandlers-2014-05-16

Existing CPCS telescopic handler card holders will need to sit a theory and practical test to gain the A17E endorsement on their cards.

We anticipate a high uptake for this test, if you’d like too register your interest and be with the first to gain this endorsement in January 2016, please get in touch.


  1. Daniel pharmah

    How much to upgrade please?

  2. Robert Ferguson

    Please stop all the confusion with this ,i have a telehandler ticket with npors ,some say you cant use the machine as a crane ,the use of common sence should apply at all times

  3. Siôn Jones

    Rob, sorry for any confusion caused, this only affects CPCS tickets holders and not NPORS, I believe NPORS have had this category in place for quite some time.

    This is recent development under CPCS, and many are pleased to have the information in advance, so that are able to prepare for any future scheme changes. As more information come to light, I will post/ blog any updates. Thanks.

  4. Jason Kavanagh

    Hi Sion

    what about holders of the Telehandler all sizes including 360?

  5. Siôn Jones


    This is a separate endorsement, it will be of particular importance to the Rotos – as they are commonly used with such attachments.

    Thank you.

  6. Warnskii

    Good question Jas. I think it’s great how ACOP are always upfront with answers to the myriad of questions surrounding CPCS…..So many training providers are clueless or unwilling to share information,but kudos to you Sion…..from what I see, you guys have got it together and I look forward to training with you in the future.

  7. Siôn Jones

    Thank you very much Warnskii, really appreciate the feedback. Look forward to working with you too. Sion

  8. Graeme Thompson

    I have cpcs all sizes Inc 360° roto telehandler, obviously this is another way of making more money out of us operators. It’s a f..king joke !!! But unfortunately it’s my livelihood so I am going to have to do this even know I’ve operated roto telehandlers with jibs and winches among many other attachments for 18yrs now all of a sudden I need another category. Can you send me the relevant information many thanks Graeme.

  9. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for your comment.

    CPCS are still making changes to this endorsement which is scheduled for release in January.

    All I know at the minute is there is a shortened theory test (approx. 25 questions) and a 45minute practical test. Until I find out what the exact specifications are for the practical it will make it difficult to quote, as it has been suggested that there may be a requirement for us to provide a slinger that is independent of the tester.

    I also appreciate your frustration with the addition of a new endorsement, CPCS did the same recently with the slinger/ signaller which caused a few issues.

    I’ll try to keep you posted with any updates. Alternatively, please drop me a line in December, I should have all the info by then.

    Thanks again,

  10. Kelvin Layton

    I have cpcs all sizes Inc 360° roto telehandler as well as a crawler crane ticket which includes pick and carry / underslung, would I still have to sit the new test for underslung telehandlers.

  11. Siôn Jones

    I’m afraid so Kelvin. There are no concessions for the A17E (underslung loads) endorsement. There is a theory and practical test. This will be available from 29th Jan 2016 onwards. Speak to you soon. Thanks again.

  12. William

    I have just done my nvq on the a17 and they said nothing about this at the time I s right to think I can’t pick up a load with a hook with the right attachment and travel with it now I do no sum sites ie kier group don’t allow any under slung load how must would this cost me now it getting a joke paying all this money as I am agency driver I have to pay it myself

  13. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for the comment.

    This A17E underslung category is released this Friday.

    There is a theory and practical test involved, I have sent you an email.

    It’s very frustrating when CPCS change/ add categories i know.

    Hope this answers your question.

    Thank you,

  14. richard haines

    Hi have you got a price for this and what is covers. Can I still lift 1 ton bags or do I need the a17e?

  15. Siôn Jones

    Richard, I have sent you an email regarding the CPCS a17e underslung load ticket. If you are travelling with any suspended loads on site then it would be advisable to do this course.

  16. John

    I’ve been driving Rotos for 8 years now
    How much does this new rip off cost and where can I go get it

  17. Siôn Jones

    Thanks for your comment John, I’ve sent you an email regarding the A17E underslung load test.

  18. Siôn Jones

    Sorry John, email bounced! Please send me your correct email address. thanks.

  19. John Grimes

    Hi sion can you sent it to me a17e too manythanks John Grimes

  20. Siôn Jones

    Email sent regarding the underslung loads CPCS test.
    thanks again.

  21. Adrian Merrett

    Hi Sion,

    When will it become mandatory to have this extra ticket ?

  22. Siôn Jones


    Thank you very much for your comment regarding the underslung loads ticket.

    However, the questions whether it’s a mandatory requirement is a difficult one to answer. Although I can confirm that the CPCS (A17E) test in now available and seems to be increasing in popularity.

    The basic (A17C/D) CPCS telehandler test only involves using the fork attachment, and as result I believe that a test for using a hook attachment has been a long time coming.

    I often compare this new telehandler endorsement to the 360 excavator lifting ops endorsement that came out a few years ago, and it would appear that anyone lifting with excavators on site is now required to show this on their CPCS ticket. I suspect the same will come true with the underslung loads ticket for telehandlers.

    Let me know if i can be of further help.


    Hi Sion

    Can you send me some details on the A17E looks like we will all have to do it eventually.


  24. Siôn Jones

    Jake, I have sent you an email regarding the cpcs underslung load ticket. Thanks again

  25. Ricky

    Hi SIAN,
    Can you send me some more information regarding the A17E. ManyThanks

  26. Chris Barry

    Sion please can you forward info and prices for the E cert, I have completed the A17D licence through ACOP Training

  27. Siôn Jones

    Yes no problem, I have sent you information regarding the A17E CPCS test. thanks

  28. Siôn Jones

    Thanks Chris, i’ve sent you an email regarding the A17E underslung load test.

  29. Pat Thurgood

    Please send me info on new A17e ticket

  30. Siôn Jones

    Pat, I’ve sent you an email with some info on the new A17E suspended loads ticket. Thanks again.

  31. Alin

    Hello, can i get some info about the training price location and hoe many days ? I have all sizes and360 slew , thank you very much

  32. Vladimir

    I need underslung ticket to please.And price on test A17e

  33. Siôn Jones


    Email sent regarding the A17E CPCS assessment.


  34. Siôn Jones


    Email sent, thanks.


  35. Melake Woldehaimanot

    Hi sion can u send me information about the A17e please

  36. Richard philpott

    How much is the course.I see people asking but not getting a straight answer

  37. David

    Is it legal to operate roto with winch attachment with A17D category


  38. Marrie Inman

    Hi Richard

    I have emailed you a response. many thanks

  39. Marrie Inman


    I have sent you an email. Thanks

  40. Paul

    Hi can you, send me information on the a17 e cert and any courses available.

  41. Daniel Diaconu

    So,I’ve been working for many years with blue cpcs,with hook,bucket,mancage,all sorts of attachments that were covered by the actual cpcs,lifting bags,trusses, etc,all perfectly safe. Now it seems we need an “endorsement” for every attachment. Funny. Where do we find documentation for the test?

  42. Daniel Diaconu

    Sion Jones, please send me an email with the documentation aswell, looks like I’ve got to book a test

  43. Marrie Inman

    Hi Paul
    Thanks for getting in touch. I have emailed you with information regarding the CPCS A17E category. Many thanks

  44. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    There isn’t a test for every attachment, but there is one for suspended loads (A94). Questions can be found here.

    I’ve sent you an email.


    Team ACOP!

  45. Elizabeth Ann Mapps

    Hi sion is there any sites I can go on to look for Cpcs A17D & A17E for tele handler underslung, questions and answers please my husband as got his test next week and I have looked everywhere for books websites etc, I’d really appreciate any help, thanks Ann,

  46. Paul hoffman

    Hi , can you,mail me details for A17E please I have been using a tellehandler for 30 odd years . And often use a hook attachment and slings.

  47. Siôn Jones

    Paul, thanks for your comment. I have sent you an email regarding different course options for the CPCS Telehandler suspended loads endorsement. thanks again, Team ACOP

  48. Adam Saggs

    Hi, please could you send me details for getting the a17e category added to my Telehandler licence. Thank you

  49. Andy Fleetwood

    Hi Sion,
    Can you send me the info on underslung loads cpcs.
    I have blue card for TELEHANDLER all sizes inc 360 slew.

  50. Gary Marsh

    Send me details of course an price plese

  51. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    For existing CPCS A17 cardholders we have two options for adding the A17E suspended loads category, which will depend on your previous experience;

    One day course (you must have previous experience of working with a slinger and suspended loads to be eligible for this route)

    Two day course (no previous experience of working with suspended loads is required for this option)

    There is a CPCS theory and practical test at the end of the course.

    Please let me know if i can be of further assistance?

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

  52. Siôn Jones

    Gary, I have sent you some info relating to the CPCS A17E suspended loads category.
    Thanks, Team ACOP.

  53. Siôn Jones

    Email sent, thanks Andy.
    Team ACOP

  54. Gary dunn

    Can you forward me this information on suspected load please cheers gary

  55. Siôn Jones

    Gary, I have sent you some information regarding the CPCS A17E suspended loads category.
    Thanks, Team ACOP.

  56. Graham Wardrope

    Can you send me details
    Of the one day course a 17 e
    And where and when I can do
    Graham Wardrope

  57. Siôn Jones


    I have sent you an email with some options regarding the A17E suspended loads CPCS endorsement.

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

  58. david anderson

    this is a joke that people with blue ticket have to do another part now, just because citb want more money of people, anyone with a blue ticket shouldn,t need to do it , since we have done it for more than 5 years

  59. Siôn Jones

    David, thanks for sharing. I’m sure there’s a number of people that feel the same as you.
    Let me know if you’d like me to send you some info on what’s involved with the test?

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

  60. Ian

    if a CPCS blue card holder has A17 telescopic handler C all sizes excl. slew, and A60 mobile crane C all duties, could these be combined for a CPCS telescopic handler category to cover?

  61. Gary

    Siôn, could you send me email with information about A17E add on please

    Thanks in advance

  62. Siôn Jones

    Hi Ian, unfortunately not.
    To gain the A17D (all sizes inc. 360 slew) you will need to complete a separate practical test only (provided you already hold the A17C category). I’m afraid the mobile crane category has no leverage here.
    Let us know if we can be of further assistance?
    Team ACOP

  63. Siôn Jones

    Thanks Gary, email sent! Hope to hear from you soon.


  64. Ben

    Hi Sion,

    Is there a particular category you need on the CPCS card to operate a 360 telehandler for winch duties? Or will the normal A17 category cover it?


  65. Siôn Jones

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for your comment.

    There will be a new A77 category released on 28th March 2018 which will include use of the winch, hook and forks on the 360 telehandler.

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

  66. Rob Johnston

    I had a 360 telehandler ticket on my card. When my employer renewed it they put the category not inc 360. I have only noticed it now that my 360 is suspended is there a time limit on how I can get it reinstated?

  67. Siôn Jones

    Rob, I think your best bet here is to ring CPCS direct (08448157274) and find out why the category has been lost. Explain your situation and hopefully you can get it reinstated quickly and easily.

    Team ACOP

  68. Carl

    Could you please send me some information on gaining the suspended load qualification onto my blue card and price please

  69. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Is it the standard Telehandler you already hold (excluding 360 slew)?

    If so, then it’s the A17E category you will need in order to gain the Suspended Loads.

    If you have experience, we offer a 1 day course with training in the morning and tests in the afternoon.

    Alternatively, we offer a 2 day course, with training the first day and tests on the second day.

    You may also need to sit your CSCS health & safety test prior to attending a course if you have not already done one within the last 2 years.

    I hope this answers your query, but if you need any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Team ACOP

  70. G Williams

    Hi Sion,
    Please could you possibly send me also as much info on the one day course for the’s good to hear views from fellow Telehandlers about all this. I new nothing about with the exception of a kier site who did not allow underlining. 21yrs a formidable and still having to move with the times.While I’m here has anybody got problems in having to where seatbelts where the inersure keeps pinning you tighter to the seat the Orange ones on the JCs seem real bad and how often do we have to get out the cab on busy sites? All this health and safety makes me feel like giving up .our jobs are very stressful and as we all know health and safety seems to be when it suits the finance on the job.
    Thanks Sion and all the very best to us forkies out there!
    Regards Garon Williams.

  71. Siôn Jones

    Email sent. Thanks for your comments Garon.



  72. Paul Henderson

    Can you please send info to me regarding this change thanks paul

  73. Vasile

    hi i have a17 all size which is the price for a17e and if it is the theory exam and basically how many questions.thanks

  74. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    CPCS brought out an additional endorsement for the telehandler to cover use of a hook attachment when lifting and carrying suspended (underslung) loads.

    There is a shortened theory followed by a practical test using the hook attachment for the telehandler.

    A link to the questions can be found here, under the A94 link.

    I have sent you an email with costs and durations.

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

  75. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for your comment.

    We have a series of 1 and 2 day CPCS A17E Suspended loads courses coming up.

    I have sent you an email with some more information.

    Thanks again,


  76. Teddy

    I have cpcs telehandler
    But not suspended load, how much it cost to upgrade my cpcs to A17E, and how?

  77. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    We’ve sent you an email with more info on the CPCS Suspended Loads test (and cost).

    Team ACOP

  78. Ian Pollock

    How can these machines be used for pick and carry duties when none of the manufactures supply duty charts for pick and carry duties?
    I know of a trainer who refused to continue the training course, and sent the guys home, as the machine duty charts did not contain a page for pick and carry lifts.

  79. Siôn Jones

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for your comment.

    We use both JCB and Merlo telehandlers/ROTOs at our centre, the models we have come equipped with duty charts for pick and carry/ free on wheels duties. Although, it may not be the case for all models.

    I’m happy to send you a couple examples if you like?

    Your trainer was right not to carry out the course if the duty charts were not available for reference. It’s sometimes worth specifying this at the point of hire to avoid disappointment.


    Team ACOP

  80. Nige

    Why do you need it another way to get money out of people, its a disgrace always used a carriage with hook to lift equipment etc. I wouldnt attempt to do it any other way .

  81. Phil Creaven

    How much does it cost to do this course ,I already have a all sizes telescopic forklift license

  82. Siôn Jones

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    We have sent you some information regarding the CPCS A17E suspended loads endorsement.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Team ACOP

  83. Peter Norris

    How do I get the qualifications for under slung loads , I have the A17 c blue card at present

  84. Siôn Jones

    Hi Peter

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    To obtain the Suspended Loads category you will need to pass the CPCS A17E Theory and Practical tests.

    A 1 day course should be sufficient with your experience.

    Please get in touch to book a place.

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

  85. Ron Bradley

    Could you please send the information on underslung loads please

  86. Siôn Jones

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    We can run a one day CPCS A17E Suspended Loads course for existing CPCS Telehandler operators at our centre in South West Wales.

    The CPCS technical test comprises a theory and a practical element.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Team ACOP

  87. Ian Pollock

    I’ve been told that there are no 360 telehandlers supplied from any manufacturer which have a duty chart for travelling with suspended loads therefore it should not be done.
    Is this correct?

  88. Siôn Jones

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for the comment, a great question in fact….

    We run Merlo 360 telehandlers here and they do allow for pick and carry/ suspended loads duties on their duty charts (copy emailed to you as proof).

    Hope that helps?

    Thanks again,


  89. Dan

    Can someone with a suspended/underslung loads ticket sling the loads themselves?

  90. Siôn Jones

    Hi Dan

    Thanks for getting in touch

    The A17 suspended loads category only covers you for operating the tele handler whilst carrying out suspended load operations.

    In order to sling loads whilst working with tele handlers the A40A or A40E category would be required.

    The plant safety group guidance for “Lifting and Travelling with Suspended Loads using Tele handlers” states that:-

    “Visibility may well be reduced and planning should identify appropriate control measures, such as a marshaller to guide the operator”

    Therefore the person or persons planning the lifting operation must ensure that all potential risks for carrying out the activity have been adequately controlled.



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