360 lifting ops (A59C) explained

I’ve come across a fair bit of confusion resulting from the recent 360 lifting endorsement for excavator tests.

Here’s some information to help clarify.

New Blue Cards
If the candidate has achieved a Theory and a Practical test for A58/A59 A and/or B then lifting operations can be added to the card providing Practical A59C is achieved.

Existing Blue Card Holders with Technical Tests but prior to 09/07/12
Can be awarded Endorsement C on application.

Existing Blue Card Holders (No Technical Test)
Those that wish to add Endorsement C must also achieve the corresponding Theory Test.
A97 – Excavator 360 below tonnes – Lifting Operations Theory Only
A98 – Excavator 360 above 10 tonne – Lifting Operations Theory Only

Existing Red Card Holders – Post Technical Test
Can be awarded Endorsement C on application.

Existing Red Card Holders – No Technical Test
Those that wish to add Endorsement C must also achieve the corresponding CPCS Theory Test. They will also need to complete the Practical Lifting Operations element.
A97 – Excavator 360 below tonnes – Lifting Operations Theory
A97C – Excavator 360 below tonnes – Lifting Operations Practical
A98 – Excavator 360 above 10 tonne – Lifting Operations Theory
A98 – Excavator 360 above 10 tonne – Lifting Operations Practical

lifting ops cpcs


  1. Ben

    Hi I’m looking to get my 360 ticket if poss. Could you email me details pls?how long it will take and costs please

  2. Siôn Jones

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the enquiry.

    I have emailed you some costs.

    Regarding course content, a 360 course will cover most of the basics in excavator operation, and will include such things as;
    incline disciplines, changing attachments, grading, reinstatement, excavating, marking out, using laser levels, pre start checks, maintenance, roles and regulations, lifting operations, loading forward/rear tipping vehicles, the safe use of quick hitches, securing and so on…..

    If you carry out the ‘above 10 tonne’ course on the excavator, you will be covered to operate all sizes of 360 tracked excavator. However, the ‘below 10 tonne’ course (which is slightly cheaper) will only cover you up to a max of 10 tonnes, these courses are popular with utility companies who rarely operate any plant above 3tonnes in weight.

    If you have any previous experience on the 360, please let me know what sort of works you’ve done and i’ll revise the quote accordingly.

    At the end of the course you will be put through a CPCS Technical test, upon achievement you will then gain your red ‘trained operators’ card which lasts 2 years.
    After 2 years, you’ll need to complete your NVQ Level 2 in plant operations to get your blue ‘competent operator’ card. This is quite straight forward, but you will need to have gained sufficient experience on the machine in order to complete the NVQ.

    My next course will be on the 8th July.


  3. Patrick Bryan

    Good morning,
    I would like to ask if you know if there is any reason/legislation that you know of that prohibits the use of a 360 degree excavator to carry out lifting duties using self levelling forks,the type that is used for lifting packs of bricks/blocks.
    The reason i ask is that as a company we are checking if our labour force are sufficently covered under their current cpcs training cards for all types of lifting duties with a 360 degree excavator.

    Works Manager

  4. Siôn Jones

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for the enquiry.

    If all below areas below are covered I can not see any reason to prohibit the use of the forks with the 360;

    – Operator holds 360 licence including the lifting ops endorsement.
    – A suitable lift plan in place and supervision,
    – The operator has been given sufficient information/ instruction on the operation and the forks i.e. SWL, load centres and is fully conversant with the attachment,
    – The forks are tested, serviceable and certified,
    – Loads are all secure and weights known.

    Hope that answers your question?

    Thanking you,

  5. mike williams

    hi, I would like to get my 10 tonne and above excavator ticket, I got a fair bit of experience, please could you tell me the cost and how many days it would take , and available dates thank you

  6. Siôn Jones

    Hi Mike,

    My next excavator course is on the 25th November.

    However, as you have a great deal of experience it would well be worth you coming up for a preliminary assessment and we can go from there.

    I have some availability in early November for testing.

    I have sent you and email with some more info.


  7. lally

    hello just want to ask how much cost for lifting opreation for diggers thanks

  8. David sumner

    Hello Sion I’m currently a self employed brickie looking to try and get a 360 10ton ticket I have used the small machines
    On my own jobs ie.pulling out footings and moving and clearing I’m not saying I’m a expert by far but I would like to get my ticket and maybe go down this route can you advise me tell me how much and point me in the right direction cheers dave

  9. Siôn Jones

    Can you please send me your CPCS registration number and surname and I can check up for you?
    The cost will depend on when you sat the CPCS excavator test in the first place.

  10. david

    hi I would like to get my 360 rubber duck and or 360 tracked I have a fair bit of experience .I was wondering the cost and next dates ,would I need training also thanks a lot david

  11. Siôn Jones

    David, i’ve sent you an email.

    thanking you,

  12. s greene

    I have to renewal my operator blue card and there is only a fact sheets on the questions I know it should be straight forward but I have been driving 360 for many years now and when it came to doing the test of 15 questions in 15 min and went back over them I only changed one answer and I failed and I did go over the fact sheet over and over I just found it absolutely ridiculous that I have to take the test in the first place as I did get a nvq when I got my blue card but apparently it is no good now as it was over 5r6 years ago when I got it what a waste of money is there any other way of taking the test plus its 35 pounds a rip of to be quite honest I don’t think I will pass it second time round

  13. Siôn Jones

    S Greene, thanks for the comment, it’s good to hear some honest feedback on these cpcs module test questions.
    I’m sure many would agree that the quality of revision material needs to be greatly improved.
    However, there is no easy way around this, to renew your CPCS blue card you must;

    – pass the CPCS plant module test(s),
    – pass the CSCS health, safety and environment test,
    – have your logbook validated.

    Your NVQ is valid for life, so no need to worry there.

    If you want to book an appointment, I will be happy to go through some of this revision material with you and see if we can work out where you went wrong.

    All the best,

  14. andrew dye

    hi sir,
    i have held a cpcs blue 10t and above ticket for some years now. how may i add endorsement C A98 to my current ticket?
    my registration number is 3****2.
    out of intrest, are there any other endorsements we operators need to be aware of?
    many thanks

  15. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for the email.
    You must achieve the Theory Test – A59C – Lifting Operations only. You must also achieve the CSCS Health and Safety Test, as it is over 2 years since you undertook that. Both of which can be done at our site and should not take very long.

    CPCS do occasionally release new categories and endorsements, if there are any I consider to be relevant – I will blog about them.

    We’ve sent you some more info via email.

    Thanks again,

  16. Richard Arrowsmith

    Want information on getting lifting certificate for 360 excavator.
    I have a cpcs blue card.
    Many thanks.

  17. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Depending on when you first did your first cpcs test, you’ll either need a shortened theory test or the lifting ops practical test. Or you may even be able to apply for it directly (no test required).

    If i can have your full name, cpcs no and date of birth, then i’ll be able to check up for you.

    thanks again,

  18. daniel park

    I’am self employed contractor with a blue cpcs card with 360 excavator above and below 10 ton. I just been asked to produce a lifting cert. I had this when cpcs cards came in. we was ok at the start of the job. but 2 yrs later still on the same job. we never got ask for the new cpcs card. we missed the deadline so I lost all tickets for dozer, dragline, track shovel , and grader plus others. which has been a real pain. so I need keep on top of my tickets so can you tell me how do I get it what course do I need. if you need card no and address let me know and i’ll email them to you. I rang a few companies only for them to say don’t know cuz there as confused as me with this ticket. regards danny.

  19. Siôn Jones

    Danny, thanks for the enquiry.

    If you’ve had a cpcs blue card then it is quite straight forward to renew it.
    However, if it has expired for over a year, then you’ll need to sit a theory test on each category – along with the CSCS health and safety test and plant module (module matcher) test.

    I’ll need your cpcs number to look into this further, but i am confident we can get your card back relatively quickly and easily.
    It is also straight forward enough to add the lifting ops endorsement if you need it?

    I’ve sent you an email.

  20. carl addison

    hello i passed my 360 excavator test back in november 2013 and my 180 excavator way back in 2005 but havnt had a lift operations test on either. Could you please tell me how much this test would cost to cover boh catergories and available dates.

  21. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    The lifting ops endorsement is currently only available for 360 excavators. If you did your 360 excavator test in 2013, this would have included the additional questions for the lifting ops endorsement, as a result you’ll only need to sit the practical test.

    I’ve sent you an email with some more info.

  22. Paul smith

    Hi I am trying 2 get the right code for 360 rubber duck i have taken the test for 360 and have passed the modules but there is no code for 360 duck to put on form can you help pls thanks

  23. Siôn Jones

    Paul, the code for 360 duck (above 10 tonnes) is A59B, it’s A58B for wheeled excavators below 10 tonnes.

  24. Shaun

    Hiya sion
    Have held a CPCS card for many years now, I have just been told by my employer that I need a 360 lifting cert. so I must do a theory test or can just apply for it as I have been driving 360 excavators for 25 years plus and using them as lifting appliances .
    Cheers Shaun
    Card number 003******/1

  25. Siôn Jones


    Looking at the CPCS records, i’m afraid you are required to sit the A98 shortened theory test to get the lifting ops card.

    I’ve sent you and email with some more info.



  26. tom mccann

    hi sion I would like to add lilting opps to my blue card can you tell me how this would be and how long the course is for 10 tonnes and above my reg number is 001***** thanks tom

  27. Siôn Jones

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the enquiry.

    It is just the A98 shortened theory test that you need to sit to gain the A59C lifting ops endorsement on your blue card.

    If you get this done before August you can get away without needing to sit another CSCS test.

    I’ve sent you an email.

  28. Matt Morrison

    Hey sion,
    I work as a landscaper and use 1.5 n 3 tonners most days but want to do the 10 ton and abovin im based in essex could you help me with prices and where an what id need thanks.


    Dear sion my cpcs 360 above and below 10 ten ton red card has run out 18 months ago due to no work.How ever before i gained my cpcs card i had 7 years of experience of 360 driving at forgemasters sheffield.Could you advise what i should do now

  30. Siôn Jones

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    If you are fully conversant with mini diggers, I would recommend a 3 day course to get you up to speed with a 13 toner and the CPCS A59A test. We will also include CSCS test in the price.

    If you are interested, we have two courses starting next month, one on the 7th and the other on the 14th July.

    I’ve sent you an email with some more info.

    Thanks again,

  31. Siôn Jones

    Tony, could you please me your CPCS registration number? I’ll check up for you.

    Thanks mate,



    Hey Sion,

    My registration number is 040300007

    Let me know what I can do as soon as possible.

  33. Dan Donciu

    hi there, is there any possibility to erase the “below 10 ton” of my cpcs card ? as I’m currently have a blue cpcs 360 tracked and wheeled but I don’t want to drive mini diggers anymore
    regards, dan

  34. Mark epton

    Hi im looking to get my lifting operations part i have a blue card iv got above and below 10 tonne tracked and wheeled my cpcs card number is 0******7 please can u email me the price and how id go about this iv been a cpcs card holder for 5 years +

  35. Siôn Jones

    Dan, you’re the first person I’ve come across who actively wants to lose a category!! Surely it’s better to have and not need? lol
    However, if your serious I’m sure a quick ring to CPCS should see the job done.

  36. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for the enquiry.

    As an existing blue card holder you will need to sit the CPCS A98 theory test (questions attached) to gain the lifting ops category on your blue card.

    I’ve sent you an email with more info.

  37. Mark haley

    I have blue cpcs card above and below 10 ton my cpcs number is 01****2 what do I need to do to obtain lifting ops

  38. Siôn Jones

    Good news for you, no test needed! All you need to do is ring CPCS on 0844 815 7274, give them your name, card no & date of birth. They will then be able to issue you the lifting ops endorsement on a new CPCS blue card for a cost of £25.00.

  39. Neil Harvey

    Hi, I hold a blue card for 360 excavators below & above 10 ton I done my NVQ I reckon about 2 years ago and I was wondering where I stand in regards to me getting my lifting ops. What do I need to do?. Thanks

  40. Siôn Jones


    Please send us your CPCS number so we can give you the correct information. However, if you’ve only had the blue card for two years, the chances are it’s the A59C practical test you’ll require and not the A95 theory.


  41. Martyn lister

    i’m taking technical test theory above 10 tonnes in the next few weeks I’ve just had the questions number one what is regarded as the danger or hazard zone during a lifting operation there is 26 questions I was wondering if you could send me the answers so I can learn them for my test I’ve been driving machines for 15 years my age is 62 can you help please thank you I appreciate it.

  42. Siôn Jones

    Martyn, thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, we are unable to send you the answers to the CPCS questions. You could approach the test centre that is delivering your test and ask them for a theory revision session if you are unsure of some of the questions.
    Good luck with your test.

  43. Tony Draper

    Iam an experienced Wheeled digger and Tracked excavator operator and have been operating plant equipment for 35 years.
    I want to sit a “Technical test -Theory” for Excavator 360 above 10 tonnes- lifting A98 (A59)
    So that I can get the “Lifting” category added to my CPCS card.
    I have been sent out the above “Typical” questions that are likely to be asked but I am strugling to find “anywhere” I can look up and re-fresh on the answers to the quite difficultly worded questions.
    Have any of you found the answers to the questions on a website or publication that you can point me in the right direction to look up please ?
    Many thanks in advance for any help.
    Regards Tony.

  44. James mcdonald

    Hi i have been driving 360 for twenty years an went to take lifting op test an failed it how do i get answets to the questions to revise them please

  45. James mcdonald

    Do i still need a ticket if i had my licence since 1999

  46. Siôn Jones

    James, you could always approach the test centre for a revision session, which i’m sure they would offer at a cost. The other option could be to ask someone who has recently sat the test and passed. You are more than welcome to come to us if you live within reach. thanks.

  47. Siôn Jones

    If you use the 360 for lifting on site, then i’m afraid so.

  48. Siôn Jones

    Tony, the CPCS test answers are normally closely guarded by the test centres. There are no online publications that I am aware, these are normally taken down by the CITB fraud team as quickly as they appear.
    However, you could approach the CPCS test centre where you hope to sit your test for a revision session (we can help here), or you could possibly ask someone who has recently sat the test and passed.
    Good luck.

  49. Frank

    Hi is there any revision notes for the lifting op
    Test I got my second blue card in November 2014 and would like to have it on my ticket …..Also how much would a rubber duck cost thanks for any reply.

  50. Siôn Jones

    Frank, I have sent you an email. thanks, sion

  51. ROBERT

    Hello, if a get 360 excavator above 10 tonnes it cover below 10 tonnes?on CPCS card is vritten only 360 excavator above 10 tonnes. Many Thanks

  52. Siôn Jones

    Robert, if you pass the above 10 tonnes CPCS test (A59A) then you should also automatically gain the below 10 tonnes (A58A) category on your card.

  53. Tony Jones

    Hi just passed my 10 ton and above excavator test a59a and a59c what is the maximum size machine I can operate??

  54. Siôn Jones

    Tony, to my knowledge the ticket does not restrict to a maximum size of machine!

  55. Lee

    Would you be able to let me know if I have to take a theory test for lifting pls my card number is *****

  56. Siôn Jones

    Lee, I will need your surname to check please?

  57. Lee

    Sorry it’s burrows

  58. Matt


    my Blue CPCS above 5T and below 5T run out in 2008 as i have been out of the country im planing on coming back to the uk in November can you advisewhat i have to do to renew them please,

  59. Shaun

    Hi,I passed my 360 ticket in 2013 and got my blue card 2015 I’m now told I need a lifting ops cert can you advise me on cost and how long it will take to get
    Regards Shaun

  60. Siôn Jones

    Matt, many thanks for the enquiry. I have sent you an email with your available options. Hope to hear from you soon.

  61. Siôn Jones

    Shaun, you will need to sit the A59C practical test to add the lifting ops. I have sent you an email. Thanks again.

  62. tony

    Hi sion
    I held above and bellow 10t excavator citb licence from 1991-2011 when i let it run out. I need to get it back,could you please tell me what I have to to.
    Many thanks Tony.

  63. Siôn Jones

    Tony, was that a red or a blue card? Could you send me your surname and CPCS number and I’ll check to see exactly what you need to do to renew your card. Thanks

  64. Ross Malone

    A have just done my cpcs 360 ticket above 10 ton would i be coverd to oprate a machine under 10ton

  65. Siôn Jones

    Ross, your new CPCS ticket should come back with above and below 10 tonnes on it. Thanks, Sion

  66. Ross malone

    Thanks Sion was just asking as on Friday when a got the paper work it just says 360 above 10 ton

  67. Wayne

    I passed my test back in 2006
    Got my blue card in 2007
    Do I need the lifting op
    Theory or Practical
    Test ?

  68. Siôn Jones

    Wayne, I believe it’s the A95 theory you will need. Although please send me your CPCS number just to be sure.

  69. Ross Malone

    Hi avngot my red cpcs 360 above and below 10t and done my lifting ops qustions would i just need the pratical test or do the full liftings ops qustions

  70. Andy kime

    Hi I have 360 above and below 10t blue card and require lifting op .my citb 1***** .what do I need to obtain this ?.
    Many thanks Andy

  71. Siôn Jones


    You will need the A98 theory test. Questions can be found here.

    We’ve also sent you an email.


    Team ACOP.

  72. denis

    Hello,i’v had my card since grandfather rights.what do I need to do to gain lifting ops.my card number is 00221455.

  73. Marrie Inman

    Denis, I have sent you an email.

  74. Valentin

    Hi, I upgraded my CPCS to A59 last year and now I want to add lifting ops on it, it’s a red card at the moment, can you email me some prices

  75. Siôn Jones

    Valentin, Thanks for your comment. I have sent you an email regarding the CPCS lifting ops practical test. Team ACOP

  76. Tony

    How long does the lifting ops last

  77. Siôn Jones

    The theory test is normally 25 mins and practical test is 40 mins. You will not need to do both, it will be one or the other, depending on how long you’ve held the excavator on your CPCS card. I can look into it for you if you send me your CPCS number. Thanks, Team ACOP.

  78. Toby

    Got npors above and below 10t digger ticket need lifting ops how do I get it and where.

  79. Siôn Jones

    Toby, NPORS have a category for using the 360 excavator as a crane. Please contact us on 01269 844155 for information. Thanks.
    Team ACOP

  80. Richard LOMAS

    Hi there , what kind of test do I need to take to get the lifting opps added to my card , cheers rich
    Cpcs 00005585

  81. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    It looks like it’s the A98 theory test you’ll need to complete for the excavator.

    You can find a link to the questions here.

    Let me know when you’d like to progress?


    Team ACOP

  82. Michael casewell

    I have just renewed my blue cpcs card 360 and dumptruck my mate said I could get my lifting ops on grandfather rights I have been operating plant for 25 years

  83. Siôn Jones


    It’s unlikely you’ll get it on grandfathers rights. If you’ve held a CPCS excavator ticket for over 6 years, then you’ll need to sit the A98 theory test. A copy of the theory questions can be found here.

    Give us a call on 01269 844155 if you’d like any more info or to book a test.


    Team ACOP

  84. Paul Davis

    They are the best forget the rest professional helpful friendly. If you need help with the nightmare that is CITB they are the people to go to

  85. Siôn Jones

    Nice one Paul.

    Thank you,


  86. Steve Jennings

    I’m confused by a59c can I get a revision book ?

  87. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    I have sent you an email with some more info.

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

  88. Patrick Hughes

    Paddy. I have had my card since granfather rights, whate do i need to do to gain lifting ops on my blue competent operators card

  89. Siôn Jones


    You’ll need to sit the A98 theory test.

    You can find the questions here.

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

  90. daniel shepherd

    hi I have just taken my 360 track 10 tonne and above I have a cscs card green do I need to add the track and do I need a new card and if so how do I go about doing it thanks

  91. Siôn Jones

    Hi Daniel,

    If it was a CPCS or NPORS excavator test you sat, then you should receive a separate CPCS/ NPORS card through the post shortly. It does not go onto the CSCS labourer (green) card.


    Team ACOP

  92. Gary Gipson

    Hi I’ve had a blue ticket for many years above and below 10 tones how do I get my lifting options thanks

  93. Siôn Jones

    Hi Gary,

    If you’ve had the excavator CPCS for a few years then chances are it will just be the A98 theory test.

    If you let us know your CPCS number, we’ll check on the system to be sure.

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

  94. Gary Gipson

    Hi I’ve my blue competent operators card I have A58A and A59A on my card can I alternately apply for lifting ops on my card thanks Gary Gipson

  95. Derek Prinn

    Hello been operating 360 excavator 38 years,had nvq when they started a second test for a company called Owen Pugh the problem is just renewed my blue card, and now told can not lift anything on site, only two years till I retirement just want to finish my time, with out the hassle can you please help

  96. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch and yes of course we can help!

    I’ll need some details to be able to check on the system if it’s a theory or practical test you require to complete.

    If you are happy to send me your name, CPCS number and date of birth I should be able to check on Monday.

    Alternatively, please just ring the office and one of my team will be more than happy to help.

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

  97. Jason Kavanagh

    Hi Guys

    What level of training would be required to operate the new battery powered ‘pick and carry’ cranes such as the JMG type?
    I assume these machines are subject to BS7121 also?

  98. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for the comment.

    The compact cranes come under the A66 Category for which there are 4 separate endorsements;

    A: Static-stabilisers

    B: Mobile Industrial

    C: Luffing Static Duties

    D: 360 – Pick and Carry

    I believe the one you’d be looking at is the A66B endorsement. This is because the JMG type you mentioned are primarily like non-slewing cranes.

    Yes they come under BS7121.

    Let me know if I can be of further help?

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

  99. Chris

    Existing Blue Card Holders with Technical Tests but prior to 09/07/12
    Can be awarded Endorsement C on application ???
    I dont understand this.

  100. Siôn Jones

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    If you are an existing blue card holder, then the date you sat your initial 360 excavator tests will determine which test you need to take to obtain your lifting ops endorsement.

    Usually, it will either be a shortened theory test or a practical test, or in some cases it can be added upon application.

    If you are unsure which test you need, you can either ring CPCS for confirmation or if you provide us with your name, CPCS number and date of birth, then we can find out for you.

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

  101. Rares Oltean

    Hi, I just get my CPCS blue card and I need to add lifting opp
    Can you tell me what test I should do please?

  102. Siôn Jones

    Hi Rares

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    If you passed your CPCS Excavator tests within the last few years, then it’s likely the A59C practical test that you would need to pass in order to add lifting ops (A59C) endorsement

    You will also need to have passed your HS&E Operatives test within the last 2 years, prior to sitting the test.

    Please get in touch if you’d like to get this organised.


    Team ACOP

  103. Billy Penman

    Just recently renewed my cpcs for excavators had my card over 25 years currently blue had to sit a practical test way back when I did it it was to see what I have to do to get lifting ops added to card

  104. Siôn Jones

    Hi Billy

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    If you’ve had your blue card for many years then it’s probably the CPCS A98 theory test that you will need to sit in order to add lifting ops to your card.

    You’ll the questions on this page.

    Give us a call if you’d like to book a test.


    Team ACOP

  105. Cristian

    Hi! I get my cpcs card in January 2007. Can i add lifting ops on it whithout any tests?

  106. Siôn Jones

    Hi Cristian

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    It is likely you’ll need to complete the A98 theory test. However, we recommend that you check directly with CPCS to establish whether you need to pass any test at all to add the Lifting Ops endorsement.

    Their contact number is 0300 999 1177.

    Please come back to us once you’ve had a response.

    Kind regards,

    Team ACOP

  107. Peter Francis

    Hi ya i am a Blue ticket holder for 360track above and below 10t for 15+yrs, but am confused over lifting ops I have used chains and straps many time’s,do i now need another ticket to do this?

  108. Siôn Jones

    Hi Peter

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    There is a separate category for Lifting Operations, it will be either a Theory or a Practical test that you need.

    If you’ve held a CPCS card for over 15 years, then it’s probably the A98 Theory test that you would need to sit in order to get it added to your card.

    You’ll find the questions here

    Please get in touch if you’d like to book.


    Team ACOP

  109. Peter Francis

    Hi ya I’ve had my Blue ticket for 360 track above and below 10t, for 15+yrs,do i have to do a test to get lifting ops as i have lifted various items over the years as you can imagine

  110. Peter Francis

    Me again does that mean that I would not be allowed to use excavator to lift various items such as blocks, beams, cement mixers etc,as i have done many time’s on different sites

  111. Ryan Wignall

    How many lifting ops hours do I need to put In my blue card book to keep the license at the end of 5years do you know

  112. Siôn Jones


    You need 300 hours on the excavator (wheeled or tracked), it doesn’t necessarily have to include lifting hours.

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

  113. Simon Smith


    Is there a separate ticket/qualification required to operate a long-reach 360, or is this covered under 10T and above?


  114. Siôn Jones

    Hi Simon,

    The A59A CPCS category covers all tracked excavators above 10 tonnes. However, it’s the employers duty to ensure that the operator has received a sufficient information, instruction and machine specific training on that particular type of excavator – in accordance with PUWER 1998 and other applicable regulations.


    Team ACOP

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