Advanced CPCS tests with ACOP

We’ve receive a number of enquiries from new and experienced CPCS testers looking to add categories to their current remit.

As a company we are always happy to support testers by offering a CPCS advanced testing service. After all, construction is an industry built around collaboration.

At ACOP Group Limited are fortunate to have access to a range of experienced and friendly testers. We also have access to and own a range of quality modern plant equipment.

R of E

A prerequisite for completing an advanced test (and one which often causes confusion) is the CPCS Record of Experience (R of E).

This document must be submitted to the test centre, as it declares the tester’s operating/ lifting experience and confirms their eligibility for taking the advanced test.

The hours declared must be authentic, with named contacts and references provided for traceability.

Furthermore, the majority of hours must be ‘current’ i.e. achieved within the last 5 years.


Once verified, the NOCN Job Cards Senior Quality Consultant (monitor) is contacted for further approval and a date set.

It is mandatory for the CPCS Advanced test to be invigilated by the NOCN monitor.

Further information

Occasionally a period of familiarisation may be requested to ensure the new tester is fully conversant with the plant machinery to be used on test and thus enable them to fully prepare.

A CITB Managers and Professional test must also be in date (completed within two years).

Further information can be found here.


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