Welcome back…

We have cautiously reopened our doors and look forward to welcoming you all back in due course.

We have taken the time to risk assess all our activities and are confident that we have the necessary protocols in place to ensure everyone’s safety during your time at ACOP.

Please bear with us while we start rescheduling courses, as a number of these will be run with reduced numbers to ensure our social distancing measure remain tight.

We are not yet in the position to start offering CSCS and CPCS renewal tests. However, CPCS have created the temporary COVID card for those whose CPCS cards are coming close to expiry and are unable to renew by the traditional means.

As the weeks/months unfold and we understand more about the propagation of this awful virus. ACOP will do everything in it’s power to ensure it’s duties are carried out safely and in conjunction the latest government guidance.

Take care


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