What’s happened to the CPCS logbook validator? Your questions answered..

The sudden removal of the CPCS validator from the scheme in August 2019 came as some surprise to the majority of test centres and companies directly involved within the blue card renewal process. This was compounded by the lack of available information from NOCN jobcards over their justification.

(NOCN is the owner and maintainer of the CPCS card scheme, after having acquired it from CITB in 2018.)

However, NOCN have now provided some clarity over this decision (via an email):

At the start of August we made the decision to remove Validators from the scheme. The reasons for this were:

  • Between March and June, 23.99% of rejected renewal applications were due to the validator not undertaking the checks or completing the application form correctly. We have calculated 84.4% of these rejections could have been avoided. This was slowing the process for getting the right people the right cards to work on site.
  • There was reported fraudulent activity taking place in the validator process which we wanted to stop.

Since the removal of the Validators, our rejection rates have dropped from 23% to 11.2%.

We recognise that there is an important place for employer checks on site and we have made this clear in our most recent communications and updated forms, these are available on our website – click this link for: further-information-on-the-removal-of-the-validator-role

On this occasion we know our communications to Test Centres were not as strong as they should have been and for this we apologise – we will continue to learn from you.

As ACOP Group we have read the reasoning from NOCN and welcome this decision. Please contact us if you require any clarification.

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