Demystifying the CPCS A77 category (Telescopic Handler 360 slew)

From 28th March 2018 onwards the CPCS A17D category (telescopic handler including 360 slew) is being retired from the scheme. In it’s place will be the A77 category (Telescopic handler 360 slew), the new standard includes working tasks around hoist rope/ winch use which are not currently within the standard for A17D. The A77 category has also been further enhanced to cover travelling with suspended loads, and therefore will not require a separate (A17E) endorsement under this category.

How will this affect me?

-existing cardholders with the A17D category will need to complete a transitional (A89) CPCS assessment to retain the 360 slew category. The assessment primarily involves a series of lift chart related theory questions, followed by a practical assessment on the winch attachment.

What does the A77 test involve?

New entrants sitting the A77 test will have a theory test that incorporates some 101 questions. The theory test, which is CPCS’ largest to date, combines the majority of questions from the A17 Telescopic handler and A17e Suspended load test.

The practical test also incorporates the standard telescopic handler and suspended load test, with the addition of a number of hoist rope activities.

What are CPCS’ reasons for making these changes?

A review was undertaken due to the nature in which the slew types have evolved since the Telescopic Handler category was first introduced many years ago, which were then predominately only used for fork use, but are now increasingly being used as ‘a crane’ with a drum hoist and rope.

Booking a test

ACOP Group are one of the few CPCS test centres able to deliver this category. If you would like more information or would like to book a course please contact us.


  1. Jason

    Hi Sion

    I have recently renewed my CPCS blue Operators card and also just noticed the changes to the A17 cat ‘E’ from your website, many thanks, I would like to ask what I would need to do to get the new A77 category on my card for an upcoming project.
    to demonstrate competency in suspended loads/lifting ops I have the following:
    CPCS Appointed Person/Lift Supervisor (NVQ L2)
    CPCS Slinger/Signaller
    CPCS 360 EXcavator above 10T lifting Ops
    CPCS A17 all sizes including slew


    Jason Kavanagh

  2. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for your comment.

    To keep the 360 slew category when your current blue card comes up for renewal you will need to complete the CPCS A89 transitional assessment. This test mainly involves use of the winch attachment and travelling with suspended loads, there are also a few questions on the use of lift charts.
    Upon achievement, you will also gain the A17E suspended loads category – without the need of sitting an additional test.

    Let me know if i can be of further assistance?

    Thanks again,


  3. John Dunne

    I have the a17 d
    Have been doing various lifts with various attachments for 8 years now,
    How much is the transition test
    My ticket doesn’t expire until 2021 will I still be able to use it until then

  4. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for your comment.

    It is only prior to your card expiry in 2021 you’ll need to to think about completing the A89 360 slew transitional test to keep the category. You are fine until then according to CPCS.

    I have sent you email with more info.



  5. Kevin Sutherland

    Hi there I have had my a17d blue competent card since 2001 using using the Whinch & many other attachments on major projects all over Scotland for over17yrs my card runs out in 2019 so when would be the best time to do my transition a89 & what is the cost many thanks

  6. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    You can sit your A89 transitional test anytime before the card expires – so there’s no immediate rush.

    As you are already experienced on the winch attachment, i’m sure you would be fine to come in for the CPCS (A89) test only.

    You will be given the opportunity for some familiarisation on the machine beforehand and a slinger/signaller will be provided for the test.

    Upon achievement, you will also gain your suspended loads (A17E) ticket, if you don’t already hold this endorsement.

    Let me know if I can be of further help?

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

  7. Harpinder Singh

    Hi there it’s harpinder Singh i already got A17D telehandler on blue card which expires in june 2021 please will you let me know what I need to do to keep my tickets up for cpcs standard.thnx

  8. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    You’ll need to complete the new A89 transitional test. Upon achievement you will also gain the A17E suspended loads category and A77 360 slew.

    The practical test mainly involves using the winch attachment. Do you have experience with this?


    Team ACOP

  9. Andrew devine

    Hi I have my a17 d all sizes and e under slinging so what would do I require for the transition

  10. Siôn Jones


    The A89 CPCS transitional test primarily involves using the winch attachment and also incorporates the pick and carry/ suspended loads (A17E) test. There are also a couple of question on the use of lift charts.

    I have sent you an email.


    Team ACOP

  11. gareth pritchard

    Hi sion .gareth pritchard.i have my 360slew at moment runs out 2022.but Iv been advised that if I put any catogory on my car after agust I will loos it. Is that right ???t

  12. Siôn Jones

    Hi Gareth, that’s correct. CPCS have introduced a new 360 slew category which incorporates the use of the winch attachment. To gain the new A77 360 slew you will need to sit the A89 transitional test. However, your current 360 telescopic handler category will be valid for the life of your card. However, if you make any amendments to your current card or request a new one prior to expiry, I’m afraid it will come back without the 360 telehandler category. Therefore, better to get the A89 test done prior to this. Feel free to give me a call if you’d like more clarification. Thanks again,


  13. Robert Anderson

    Hi Sion, I have two lads who hold A17D categories, their cards expire October/November 2018. The local Training Centre have nobody trained to deliver this update. Our isolated location makes it difficult for trainers to travel. My concern is that if the cards are renewed without this assessment how does this affect the lads who operate the machine.

  14. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for your email and I appreciate your concern. This new A77 category has been a source of some frustration among many an operator.

    The short answer to your question is; yes, the lads will lose the A17D 360 slew category unless they sit the new A89 transitional test prior to renewal. The category will be downgraded to the A17C – all sizes excluding 360 slew.

    However, there may be scope to gain a 12 month extension with CPCS, this route is available for A17D card holders that expire prior to 31st August. And I think, with your remote location and lack of available test centres, you could probably gain a concession here. I would first of all give the CPCS help desk a ring first and see what they say on 0344 994 4400.

    Alternatively, you are welcome to fly down to Cardiff airport and travel (a relatively short distance) across to us for the A89 test, and we will happily accommodate.

    Let me know your thoughts?

    Thanks again,


  15. Geraint jones

    My cpcs 360 slew is running out nov 2018 how much will the test cost for the A77 test with u at Cardiff

  16. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    We are a little further west than Cardiff (actually at SA14 7NH).

    Have you been operating the 360 telehandler on site? Or would you require some additional training to bring you up to speed for the CPCS test?

    Thanks again,


  17. Caleb Barrett

    Can I operator a counter-balance forklift with a A77 360 slew qualification

  18. Siôn Jones

    Hi Caleb

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    I’m afraid the A77 category does not cover the counter balance forklift – this comes under the A16 (industrial forklift truck) category.

    Kind regards,

    Team ACOP

  19. Sami

    What is the difference between A17 and A77 please

  20. Siôn Jones


    They are CPCS codes for different categories of machinery i.e.

    – A17 refers to the standard (fixed boom) telescopic handlers e.g. JCB 535 125, Merlo 40.13 etc.
    – A77 refers to 360 telescopic handlers e.g. Merlo ROTO 5026, Manitou MRT 2660 etc

    Hope that helps?



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