Combined dumper and roller courses for groundworkers – discounts available




The sun is out so you could almost say that spring is on the way. Happy February!

We at ACOP Group would like to offer you some excellent discounts on combination courses. In other words, you can enrol on two courses that complement each other, and double your chances of employment.

As an example, among our many clients and trainees we’ve noticed a rise in combined CPCS Forward Tipping Dumper and Ride on Roller courses amongst ground workers.

Other popular choices include:

  • Telescopic handler and Suspended Loads
  • Tracked and Wheeled Excavators
  • Mobile crane and slinger/ signaller
  • Loading Shovel and Dump truck
  • and other combinations…

You can even combine more than two courses and be eligible for a discount. Ask for details.

To take advantage of this discount, or just to get more info, please contact ACOP Group and let us know which courses you are interested in.


  1. Dumpee and roller or either 1

  2. Price for dumper and roller course

  3. dumper and roller prices doing them together

  4. Hi. How much is it to do the dumper and roller course, i have used both before so i have experience? Thanks

  5. dumper and roller prices doing them together

  6. Price for both roller, dumper?

  7. Price for roller and dumper please and just dumper on it’s own

  8. Hi.
    How much is the combined roller and dumper please?

  9. Price for both roller, dumper?

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