Merlo ROTO 60.24 MCSS for hire from 2016 / 2017

Merlo ROTO hire

The Merlo ROTO you would be hiring looks very similar to this one.

ACOP are currently taking hire requests for our new Merlo ROTO 60.24 360 telehandler which joins our existing hire fleet of Merlos.

The key specs on this Merlo monster are:

  • Maximum load capacity 6000 kg
  • Maximum lift height 23.9 metres
  • Continuous turret rotation achieved through a Merlo electrohydraulic central rotary coupling
  • The cab can be tilted by up to 18 degrees to offer an unequalled view at maximum height
  • Cab steel frame complying with the international ISO 3449 Level II FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) standard
  • Pneumatic suspension seat
  • Electronic joystick controls
  • Steering wheel tilt adjustable by up to 16 degrees
  • Merlin system (Merlo Local Interactive Network) providing a completely new way to automatically manage all the operating parameters and safety functions
  • MCSS system (Merlin Continuous Slew Safety) adjusting automatically the load diagram to suit the stabiliser position chosen by the operator
  • Stabilizers with independent extension and jacking
  • Hydropneumatic suspension ensuring maximum driving comfort and stability when operating on tyres, by levelling the machine
  • Iveco turbo intercooler 6 cylinder engine, delivering 129 kW (175 HP)
  • Hydrostatic transmission utilising variable displacement motor and pump
  • Load-sensing hydraulic pump
  • Maximum speed 40 kph

Here are the other specs and technical data (PDF).

This machine comes with a remote control as standard, and a variety of attachments to choose from including lifting hooks, winch, and platforms.

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All machines come with the highest level of service, maintenance and support you’d expect from ACOP, the friendliest plant hire firm you might ever use.

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