Theory test questions for CPCS categories (including blue card renewal tests)

Tools of an Appointed Person

Please see the CPCS Categories page for links to theory test questions.

Up-to-date papers for theory and renewal are included

Do contact ACOP if you’d like to arrange a revision session.


  1. Unable to download to phone

  2. Could you please advice me on Which book i need to require as I am going to study for blue card compitentoperator renewal card cpcs please

  3. Comment i would like a copy of the theory questions for Appointed Persons blue card refresher 2018

  4. Looking for list of questions for 360 blue card renewal

  5. Can you help me please I want to be slinger signaller all duties include want help in got questions and answers but some questions ido not understand like words encroaching also manoeuvres some more if I can write questions in my way from someone put them in different ways will the person who taking the tester let me take to the test

  6. Hi … i do my renewal test for slinger signaller where can i find something to study … thx a lot

  7. Hi where can i find something to learn for renewal cpcs slinger signaller…
    Many thanks

  8. Looking for the revision material for the 360 excavator renewal test questions and answers as I cannot find them anywhere

  9. I would like questions and answers for slinger signaller on website could u send me link please

  10. Hi am trying to find out the correct revistion questions to resit my blue card for crane supervisor lifting operations A62 i have found two sets of questions on line 1-15 and 1-35 questions CPCS are these the right ones .

  11. Hi. I need to get my digger licence. Want to be able to drive anythink eventually (not cranes). Were do i go for the tests and what theary questions should i be revising

  12. plaeas can you send me question a44 concrete pump and dumper renewal test ka******

  13. I would like a copy of the theory questions for Appointed Persons blue card refresher 2019, having looked at the App, the reviews were poor for the references to the AP renewal questions & answers revision.

  14. You can buy the book or get it from libary im a slinger/ telehandler blue card.

  15. Not sure where you would buy the app for the blue card renewal app as I am looking for the questions and answers for the Rt 61 appointed persons

  16. Not sure where to find materials for CPCS slinger/signaller renewal test question and answer. Please help.

  17. Is it a must to have a code14 driver’s license before applying for dump truck training?

  18. Hi I am looking to renew my CPCS Slinger/Signaller, I am trying to find if there are any questions & answers factsheets with voiceover facility that I can use to study from
    Many thanks

  19. Where can I get questions and answers for lift supervisor slinger retest

  20. Hi I have cpcs blue card exp Jan 2020 I want ext 1y pls find me how much cost and how I apply pls

  21. I need help to find information to study for my machine licence 360 the 15 question renew test

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