Dozer/ blade (CPCS) Training

Komatsu 51 blade

We have recently purchased a Komatsu dozer, as a result we can now offer CPCS dozer courses at a very competitive rate from our centre in south Wales.

If you’d like a quote for training and testing please get in touch. Our courses range from 10 day intensive (novice) training to half fay (experienced operator) refreshers.


  1. Hi,

    Please could you let me know if you have any dates for any CPCS Dozer training and what the cost would be please.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi there please could you send me prices for the a34 dozer course. Looking to add a few more categories to my Cpcs and this is the next in line.

  3. Hi

    What is the cost of the dozer course please?

    Thank You

  4. What is the price of the dozer training

  5. Can you tell me how much the dozer/blade course is pls and when I could do it thank you

  6. Hi I’m interested on doin dozer course and would like a price please thanks

  7. Could you send me details and prices for dozer please

  8. Can I have a price for your dozer course please . I’m not a complete novice but haven’t operated one for at least 2 years .
    Would probably need 2 or 3 days to get the hang of it again

  9. Hy can u send me the price list fir dozer cours i gave 4 years experience on blades thanks

  10. Looking to do my cpcs for dozer. Can u quote me a price pls? Thanks Stu.

  11. hi sion ,i need a price for my cpcs blade test ,at moment operating a komatsu 65 in a clinker shed so just pushing loose material, also have blue 360 and on a 349 e at moment so tracks not a ploblem ,i now i will need some training ,what do you recomend and have you a rough price for my employer . thanks ian

  12. Thanks to mick and all the team at acop for helping me achieve my a34 dozer ticket.I will recommend acop for quality training and facilities. Thanks again stu.

  13. Have you got a price for turning my red card blue on the dozer please is there any funding to help towards the cost thanks Jamie

  14. hi, do you do a tracked dumper ticket, iv got 360 upto 10 ton and a forwaed tipping dumper upto 10 ton, thinking of more plant on my ticket,,

  15. Hi there,

    Please could you send me prices for your CPCS courses especially the a34 dozer.



  16. Could u send me dates and prices of the bulldozer training and tests please.

  17. im interested in this course but i have no experiance so would need full training could you please email me price and duration of course thanks stephen

  18. Prices for the dozer and dates please

  19. Hi There was wandering what my options are and what would need to be achieved for obtaining category a34 dozer to my blue competent operator card I currently hold 360 above and below, wheeled and lifting ops. I have used a dozer before but was just pushing top soil so don’t really consider myself experienced. Also I’m self employed so don’t have any company sponsorship.

  20. How much is the Dozer ticket please ?

  21. Hi.., can i have some info about price 4 dozer/ 360 course , and next course please. Thanks

  22. HI

    i am interested in this course but i have no experiance. how the process of getting those qalification looks like? could you please email me price and duration of course

    many thanks


  23. hi i am interested in this course but i have no experiance so would need full training could you please email me all information price and duration of course many thanks Pawel

  24. Hi Pawel

    I have sent you an email regarding the A34 CPCS dozer course

  25. Hi Pawel
    I have sent you details regarding the A34 CPCS course which is 10 days long

  26. Hi,

    I am thinking of requalifying on a blade after several years out of the industry. I am interested in the full 10 day course. Please send me prices and availability.


    Richard Hall

  27. How much for Dozer course novice pls

  28. Hi Could you send me details of novice dozer course with prices please

  29. Hi Andy. I have sent you the details of the CPCS A34 Dozer course in an email.

    Kind regards Team ACOP

  30. could I have details and prices for roofer course please

  31. I was wondering if you could send me some information about the dozer corse and cost

  32. hi could you email course prices for the Dozer please

  33. Hi. How much for novice dozer training please?

  34. Hello
    I would like to drive a bulldozer with GPS how much is this going to cost me I drive the norm on dozer with no GPS

  35. Hi could you send me some more information regarding the costs of the CPCS dozer course

  36. Could you send me info on the cpcs dozer course and costs please

  37. Could you send me updated info on the cpcs dozer course and costs please.
    I’man absolute beginner, never drove one and never worked on a construction site either. I have a B cat drivings license.
    Thank you.

  38. can give me more information about the bulldozer course

  39. Can you send me information if you provide Training to attain red card for the dozer. Thanks

  40. Hi am looking to doing a bulldozer course could send me some details
    how long is the course

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