CPCS amendments to the slinger/signaller category (A40)


Here’s the latest update from CPCS to reflect changes due to come to effect this month.

This category is being amended to add endorsements against a range of lifting equipment types to cover the increased use of slingers for a wider variety of lifting operations. The range includes:

  • A40A– All Types – all duties
  • A40B– All Types – Static duties
  • A40C– Knuckle boom static only
  • A40D– Excavator only
  • A40E– Lift truck only

As a result of the additional endorsements, the number of learning outcomes has increased and these include key requirements for marshalling of plant, controlling loads during pick-and-carry duties and knowledge of when additional skills for particular lifting operations are required. Similarly theory test questions have been increased to reflect the additions to the new safety critical outcomes. The practical test specification states the minimum sized or type of lifting equipment that must be selected for the test, for example the lift truck endorsement requires a telescopic handler.



  1. Ricardo F

    I have Slinger/Signaller BLUE card i don’t have A40AorBorC only Slinger/Signaller(Banksman) is it valid ands what’s the difrences or how i can update it to all duties if need so?

  2. Siôn Jones

    Hello Ricardo

    When you renew your Blue Card you will automatically get your A40B – (All types – static duties). If you want to upgrade to A40A (All types – All duties), there is a shortened CPCS Theory Test that you will need to sit.

    If you require any further information, please let us know.

  3. Nick grant

    Hi I have a blue card slinger/signaler. I have passed my nvq and my card runs out in September 2015. What are the requirements to renew my card



  4. Andrew O'Hanlon

    Hi. I have blue slinger/signaller and blue crane supervisor. I got my blue crane supervisor card in November 2014. But both categories are on the one card so I have to renew in August 2015. I have gone to CPCS. web site to book my test and get the modules questions I need to revise. It says I only need to book the crane supervisor part. Would I automatically get the changes to A40?. And why don’t CPCS. issue a gold supervisor card to all that have done N.V.Q level 4 Controlling lifting operations. Because their is a lot of work in getting that NVQ. And a lot of places don’t give the recognition to the job it deserves. They all think they can do it. And site supervisors try to over ride decisions that the crane team have made.

  5. Siôn Jones


    There are three steps to renewing your CPCS A40 slinger/ signaller blue card.
    You must;

    – have an up to date citb health, safety & environment test (within 2 years)
    – sat the plant specific module(s)
    – have your logbook hours validated (or sat an on-site/practical CPCS assessment)

    If you need any revision notes for the plant specific modules let me know and i will email them across.

    Hope that helps?

  6. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for the comment, and some valid points.

    Unfortunately, it is not CPCS that issue the gold card but CSCS instead. In order to gain this card, there are specific NVQ units that make up the qualification – some of which you would have achieved already with your lift supervisor VQ. As a result you could gain the gold card quite easily. However, many of the managers NVQs are at level 4, you might therefore want to think about the CSCS managers card!

    And yes, the RT62 (lift supervisor) unit covers the RT40 (slinger/ signaller) for renewing your blue CPCS card. just remember to apply for both on your renewal application.


  7. Carl Morris

    Profi sylwadau

  8. Billy Skeen

    Hi i carry out slinger signaller duties on site with crawler cranes ,piling rigs ,excavators and telehandlers ,i have currently had a new category added to my card , my slinger signaller card was returned returned with static duties only on it ,i have looked at the CPCS web site and i read it as ,if i pass a theory test of 25 questions i will get slinger signaller all duties ,i have been told i must then pass a test for lift truck and excavator also surely all duties would cover this ?

  9. Siôn Jones


    Thanks your comment.

    As you are an existing slinger/ signaller card holder, provided you sit the CPCS A95 theory test (with 25 questions), this will be enough to add the slinger/ signaller all types – all duties category to your card.

    There is absolutely no need for a lift truck or excavator test, you have been mis-informed there.

    I have emailed a copy of the questions for you to look up.

    Thanks again,


  10. simon

    when does this change to slinger signallers become compulsory and is there a grace period so as we can upgrade card to new requirements . could you send copy of questions and how do you book the theory test for all duties.

  11. Siôn Jones


    You can book the theory test by giving us a call on 01269 844 155, you must have an up to date cscs test. If you email me your name and CPCS number, i can check.

    The changes have been in place since January this year. Slinger/ signallers with cards prior to 2015 will need to sit the additional theory test to gain the ‘all types – all duties’ endorsement.

    I have emailed you the cost and A95 theory questions as requested.


  12. Martin

    i want to renew my cpcs slinger/signaller ticket. Which book should I buy? I have read some Banksman materials and fail twice this 15 questions. Please help me.

  13. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for you enquiry.

    I’m afraid there’s no book to buy to revise for the slinger/ signaller blue card renewal module. However the questions have been updated from the 01/07/2015 by the CITB, I have sent the latest study notes to you.

    We can organise a revision session for you at our centre if you are still struggling with it. Just let me know.

    Thank again,

  14. Eddie

    Hi my card has changed to all types of static lifting, what can I work with and what can’t I work with?

  15. Micky

    I’m doing my slinger/signaller course in a couple of weeks,any chance of sending me some study notes,I see some of the questions have changed,& would feel more confident,if I could do some revision before the course begins. Thanks

  16. Siôn Jones

    Eddie, basically your card covers you for static lifting and not ‘pick and carry’. Therefore, if you are working alongside crawler cranes, telehandlers or excavators, it would be well worth you completing the shortened theory test (A95) to gain the ‘all types – all duties’ endorsement. I have emailed you a copy of the questions for your perusal. Thanks.

  17. Temi


    Please how much does it cost to take the A95 short test to upgrade to all types-all duties. And could you possibly email the test questions too? THANKS

  18. Siôn Jones

    I have sent you an email Temi. Thanks.

  19. peter

    hi Sion could you please send me the latest study notes for the CPCS A40-all types all duties? thinking of doing the test with acop in the next few months THANKS

  20. mark meredith

    I have steel erector, slinger signaller,steel fabricator, welder on the reverse of A gold CSCS card, i also have A CPCS crane supervisors card, will the above changes effect me,.?

    thanks Mark

  21. Siôn Jones

    Mark, These changes should not affect you. It will only affects existing CPCS slinger/ signaller card holders (prior to Jan 2015). CSCS cards should be unaffected. Hope that helps? Thanks.

  22. Justin

    Sion I’ve had my blue card slinger past 15 yrs worked mainly all types of Tower, mobile and crawler cranes, how much does it cost and wot does this A95 ticket enable me to do? But I don’t already do? Also can you email me info on course questions etc.

  23. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    If you’ve had a slinger ticket since before 2015, and by completing the A95 theory test – it will enable you to sling for all types (all duties) of cranes. CPCS changed the testing format in 2015 resulting in existing slinger/ signallers losing their pick and carry privileges. You’ll see this when you come to renew your current CPCS card, as it will come back as ‘slinger/ signaller all types – static duties’.

    By completing a shortened (A95) theory test, you’ll be able to gain the ‘slinger/ signaller all types – all duties’ category to enable you to work with pick and carry duties again.

    I hope that makes some sense?! I’ve also sent you an email. Thanks again.

  24. john kelly

    slinger/signaller what do static duties cover? and what do all duties cover?

  25. Siôn Jones

    John, the main difference is with the ability to pick and carry loads. ‘Static duties’ will only cover you to work with cranes that are stationary/ static i.e. mobile cranes (blocked duties), tower cranes, pedestrian operated cranes, etc. Whereas the ‘all duties’ endorsement will also allow you to work with cranes travelling with suspended loads i.e. crawler cranes, telehandlers & excavators.

  26. terry richardson

    Please could you send me an email with cost and questions for the test please I have a blue card slinger/signaller card which I got in Jan 2014

  27. Siôn Jones


    I have sent you an email. The questions can all be found here.

  28. Marty reed

    Hi Sion
    Could you please send me the questions for all types all duties category please

  29. Martin reed

    Hi Sion
    Thanks for your response what it is I have my blue card with static lifting on it but require questions about a95 if you could send them please

  30. Siôn Jones

    I have sent you an email.
    You’ll find all the CPCS questions here also.

  31. brian spillane

    Hi Sion. I have just received my new cpcs blue card with static duties only. Can I have information about a95 theory test to upgrade my card to all duties. A copy of the questions will be very beneficial. Thank you

  32. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    All the questions can be found here….

    I have also sent you an email.

  33. Dalbir

    Hello Sion sir
    I want to knows that how many need to get pass marks of theory A40. And how many total they ask questions in theory test A40

  34. Siôn Jones

    Dalbir, the current pass mark for the A40 slinger test is 185 marks out of a possible 240.

  35. Iurie Luca

    Hi Sion,

    my blue slinger/signaler A40 card expires in 6 months. 14 months ago I have completed at your center the A61 training and so i have gained another red CPCS card with A61 & 62 categories. Please advise if completing my NVQ level 5 for A61 will permit me to gain a blue card with all 3 categories?
    It will be appreciated if you can advise what is the simplest way to update my cards and help with my NVQ.
    Thank you.

  36. Siôn Jones

    Good to hear from you again.
    If you already hold the slinger on blue. Then you will need to complete the Level 5 diploma in controlling lifting operations (7 units). You will also need to register for the individual supervisor unit (supervising lifting operations using lifting equipment in the workplace). That is the simplest/ cheapest way. I have sent you an email for some more info. Thanks again.

  37. Geo

    I recently renewed my slinger/signaler blue card but didn’t know about A40A All duties thing.
    Could I do the test before I order my new card in order to get all duties?
    If so can I, please have the test so I can study. Thank you.

  38. Siôn Jones


    I have emailed you the CPCS questions to study for the additional pick & carry endorsement. You can also find theme here.

    It doesn’t matter which order you do things, you can do the theory test before or after you renew your card, the cost of a new card is included in the price of the test.

    Thanks again,

  39. gregg verner

    So will my new Cpcs read Slinger/Signaller – All types – All duties then were old one is Slinger/Signaller correct?

  40. Siôn Jones

    Gregg, If your card currently reads ‘slinger/signaller’ only. When you come to renew, it will come back as Slinger/signaller – ‘static duties’. To gain the ‘all types- all duties’ endorsement you’ll have to sit the A95 theory test at a CPCS test centre. You can find the questions here.

  41. Mark

    Hi Sion, I’m a steel erector with an NVQ 3 in Lifting and positioning loads, Capital plant and steel structures, I’ve 18 years experience at this but have never had the CPCS card would i be able to go straight to the blue card on the slinger/signaller and if i was to go for the appointed persons would i need the slinger/signaller blue card first.
    Kind regards

  42. Mick Oakshott

    Hi sion
    I have let my log book laps ,I sat and passed an upto date health and safety exam .I passed an on site particle assessment but sadly I failed the 15 question theory test , is there a Web site I can get some revision notes.Many thanks Mick

  43. Siôn Jones

    The revision material can be found here. If you are struggling with any of it, let me know and we can arrange a revision session. Thanks again. Sion

  44. Simon

    How many out of 25 question do you need to get right?

  45. Siôn Jones

    Simon, it’s 80% to achieve. Thanks

  46. Richard wall

    Hi my names Richard wall I need to upgrade my blue slinger / signaller card to A40A
    Can you help with this
    Thank you
    Richard wall

  47. Siôn Jones

    Richard, I have sent you an email regarding the slinger/ signaller A95 theory test.

  48. jasper

    is there answers to the theory test questions

  49. Moudja

    I recently do the slinger training and in my theory I respond to 85 questions in total .but at the end I just receive a static duties card.i just check the A95 questions that you attached and I notice that they ask me all those questions during my test.how come I didn’t receive the all duties card

  50. Siôn Jones


    It sounds like the test centre put you through the slinger/signaller – static duties practical test instead of the slinger/signaller – all duties practical test.

    The theory test is the same for both endorsements. Hope that helps?

  51. Craig Rumley

    My cscs card is up for renewal in Dec 17
    My question is what modulals do I need to book to renewe all categories I have 360 below 10 ton & 360 above 10 ton / slinger signaler / crane operator all sizes / compact crane pick & carry / Crane supervisor Lifting operations
    Registration No 00666448/1

  52. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    I have sent the modules you require to renew all 6 categories, there are actually only three modules that you’ll need to sit! That can be found here (RT02, RT59 & RT62).

    You’ll also need to sit another CITB Health, safety & environment test at supervisor level or above.

    Hope that helps?

    Thanks again,


  53. Nathan Roth

    I have just heard about the changes to the A40 slinger/signaller cpcs tickets. I completed my blue ticket about 7 months ago and was under the impression that covered me for everything (which I have been doing on site) but am only covered up to static duties. (After paying the best part of a grand for this ticket I’m more than a little bit peeved this wasn’t mentioned). Can you tell me how much it would cost to upgrade to the A40a ticket? What it involves and where I can do/take the test?


    N. Roth

  54. Siôn Jones

    Nathan, thanks for getting in touch.

    If held the slinger/signaller category before the changes came in early 2015, then you’ll need to complete the A95 theory test to gain the ‘all duties’ endorsement. You can find the questions here.

    I’ve sent you an email.

  55. Glen

    Hi I like to know if I have got to take the modular for slinger signaller all types of static duties I have just passed my NVQ for crane supervisor last June does this come in to the crane supervisors duties

  56. Karl downward

    I have been a steel erector for 34 years and get my slinger / signaller as part of my cscs card no tests any more and have been doing all duties most of my life
    Because it job specific to a steel erector
    So now you tell me I need to do a test nvq level 3 to get a Cpcs card which back in the day was ecitb and is still under that as far as I know I have done an appointed persons test with ainscough and slinger / signaller many years ago can’t see what Cpcs has to offer me in respect of training I have just done the Cpcs crane supervisor and passed it nothing new in that training from the appointed persons I did many moons ago could you shed some light on Cpcs and the expense

  57. Siôn Jones


    If you could send us your CPCS number and surname, we will look into to for you.


    Team ACOP

  58. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for your comment.

    Just to clarify, is it the slinger/ signaller (all duties) you are looking to get placed onto your existing CPCS card? Or was it the NVQ level 4 for the crane supervisor you are looking for?

    Also, if you could send us your CPCS/ CSCS number that would be helpful?

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP.

  59. andy line

    ive my red card just passed a40a how do i now get nvq blue card i am still waiting on my card but want t start the wheels in motion for my blue card thanks

  60. Siôn Jones

    Andy, there’s no harm in wanting to get the wheels in motion. Although, the best way (and only) way to progress to your blue card is to gain some site/ lifting experience. Lifting has various degrees of complexity associated with it and working alongside different types of cranes, excavators, lorry loaders and telehandlers will help boost your ability. Try documenting some of your lifts by keeping copies of lift plans that you are involved with, this will provide some quality evidence for your NVQ. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

  61. Kelly Gamblin

    Please can you send me details on A95 Theory Test. All of my guys need to get this completed as all completed their qualification prior to the change. What are the legal implications for my company and personnel?

  62. james jones

    hi am sitting the a95 test is it Witten or a recorded exam

  63. Siôn Jones

    James, the A95 test is a recorded verbal test.

  64. Spingar Taus

    Hi, I have a blue cpcs card aswella nd pick and carry could you please email me booking details and pice for the a95 extra theory test.

  65. Siôn Jones

    Spingar, thanks for getting in touch.

    I have sent you info regarding the A95 pick and carry test to gain your CPCS slinger/ signaller (all duties) category.


    Team ACOP

  66. Andy

    Hi, I’ve just been reading the thread. I’ve noticed I’ve got static duties only, I’ve never noticed it before. I have a CPCS blue card for AP, L/Supervisor and S/Signaller. I’ve achieved NVQ with all three am I required to do the A95 extra theory test?

  67. Siôn Jones

    Andy, yes that’s correct! You will need to sit the A95 theory at a CPCS test centre to gain the ‘all types – all duties’ endorsement on your existing CPCS card. Please get in touch if you are interested in coming down to us or would just like a quote?

  68. ian

    Hi following this thread I need to get the A95 theory but cant find this course at my local test centre is there a different code the test falls under have you any revision materials available have my blue slinger signaller card already thanks in advance

  69. Siôn Jones


    There’s no other code, it’s known as the A95 Slinger/ signaller – ‘pick and carry’ theory test.
    Just make sure it’s the theory part you require and not the practical test.

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

  70. John harrison

    I need to upgrade my card from b to a, how much is it

  71. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Could you send me your CPCS number so I can check if it’s the CPCS A95 ‘pick and carry’ theory or the A40A all- duties practical test you require?

    I’ve sent you an email.

    Thanks again,

    ACOP Group

  72. Lee

    Hi.I have a blue slinger/banksman and crane supervisor on CPCS which I’ve had for years and also a gold CSCS card with Steel erector and slinger/banksman again.
    As well as other gold cards for occupational work supervisor and gold Ace/combined safety passport.
    Reading the comments on here is it true that I will not need the A40a upgrade for slinger due to the fact that I have it also on CSCS card?

  73. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    There is a shortened theory test called the A95 which allows you to upgrade your slinger/ signaller from ‘static duties’ to ‘all duties’. Provided you sat the test CPCS technical test prior to 2015.

    You’ll find the CPCS questions here.

    We’ve sent you an email.

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

  74. Freddie40

    I only have NPORS slingers ticket at the moment, if I want to get CPCS can I just do A95 or do I have to do A40A? Thanks in advance

  75. Siôn Jones


    I’m afraid you’ll have to complete the A40A if you want to gain the CPCS Slinger/ signaller – all types/ all duties category.

    Please get in touch if you’d like any more information.

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

  76. Lee Brack

    Does this affect cscs cards or just cpcs? I have slinger/banksman on both cpcs and cscs.

  77. Siôn Jones

    Hi Lee, this only affects CPCS cards.


    Team ACOP

  78. Sukhinder chahil

    Hi i just received my slingers card and it says all types static duties i need all types all duties can u give me any info on how to get all types all duties

  79. Siôn Jones


    I have looked into your record and you only need to do the A95 theory test to gain the ‘all duties’ slinger/ signaller CPCS endorsement.

    A copy of the questions can be found here.

    I have sent you an email.


    Sion Jones

  80. Gurbachan singh nizzer

    Years a good idea was banking crane I did not had any card went to taxi driving now I want to start again from fresh what do I needit to do for s/S card what I need to do first please help me

  81. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    I have sent you a quote for a 4 day A40 CPCS slinger/signaller (all duties) course.

    You will need to complete the Operative CITB health, safety and environment test as a prerequisite to attending the course.

    Let me know if I can be of further help?


  82. Anthony Browne

    I have my NVQ3 in moving liafs(rigger) I have my Cscs gold card steel erectors card with slinger signaled on it can you tell me why Iam still getting asked for cpcs blue card for slinger? I don’t want to spend money on a course I don’t need if I can help it

  83. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for the message.

    Sorry to hear that you are having some trouble with your gold steel erector card, it is something that we hear a lot of unfortunately. Many sites still favour the CPCS card as proof of competence, which may in be in part down to the rigour of the CPCS scheme -having a Technical (theory and practical) test and an NVQ requirement prior to being awarded a blue CPCS card .

    I’d be happy to discuss your options with you over the phone, as I suspect your many years experience would make for an easy transition to a Competent Operator (blue) CPCS card if required.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Team ACOP

  84. Claudia Piper-Garcia

    Hi, I need to book a A95 theory test so I can upgrade my blue card.
    Where can I book this test and do you have a copy of the questions please

  85. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    I have sent you an email with some more info on the A95 slinger/signaller (pick and carry) theory test, to upgrade your slinger/signaller – static duties category.

    A copy of the questions can also be found here.


    Team ACOP

  86. Ion

    Hi, I want to do a A40 course. Can you ,please ,send me the questions.
    Thank you.

  87. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    The CPCS A40 slinger/signaller questions can be found here.


    Team ACOP

  88. Syrja Perzhilla


    i have a NVQ level 2 A40B,
    Is there a way to add pick and carry duties to it?

  89. Siôn Jones


    It will likely involve sitting the CPCS A40A (all duties) practical test.
    Please contact us with your CPCS registration number and we can investigate further.


    Team ACOP

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