Becoming a slinger/banksman in construction

This new video guides you through how to get CPCS qualified as a slinger/banksman.


  1. Do I need qualification to do the course on slinger and banksman

  2. Hi I’m interested in becoming a banks women /slinger how do I go about training and coursess

  3. no experience in construction industry would love to do the slinger/banksman course

  4. I am interested in starting the course

  5. Hi,
    I currently have a Cscs card and I want to do a slinger banksman course is this possible and would I need tibdobmy Cscs again although it is fairly new.

  6. How do I become a banksman ??

  7. hi

    i have no experience in construction but want to pursue a career in construction

  8. Hi Stephen

    Thanks for contacting us. I have sent you an email with all the relevant information regarding CPCS A40A Slinger/Signaller Courses. Thanks

  9. I have a green cscs card and want to become a banksman slinger what course do i need and whats the diffirence between cscs and cpcs

  10. Hi
    Thanks for contacting us.I have sent you an email regarding the CPCS A40A Slinger Signaller Courses. Thanks

  11. Hi
    I have done the safety test a few months back.

    I am a level 4 option approved banksman slinger

    What do I need to do next ?

  12. I have worked on ships and offshore for the last 10 years but I am looking for work ashore.

  13. Hi there,

    I am interested in changing careers from my current office based role into becoming a Slinger.

    Would youbbest able to send me across some details please, also do you think it’s a viable option for someone without a construction background?

  14. I am wanting to change my career offshore where i have a banksman slinger stage 3, iam wondering how i can get into the construction industry. I have many years of banking under my belt , but i think my cert does not cover construction.

  15. Hi there

    I’m interested in becoming a banksman slinger how does construction work for women,what do I need to do first

  16. I have worked in construction for over twenty years ,
    I have put my hand to formwork , sitefitting/erecting,
    Carpentry/ brickwork
    But I decided to becom a slinger .
    I have Noticed in the past five years a massive surge of so called slingers / supervisors and app’s who have no clue in basic lifting techniques, lifting accessory’s and apparatus;
    I have seen one fatality and seen countless near misses ,
    I would strongly advise anyone wishing to become a slinger to gain a minimum of two years experience on site.

    Four days in a training center doesn’t compensate for hands on experience.

  17. I am wanting to change my career from a factory job to a slinger could you email me info about how i do this

  18. Passed my cscs and just passed my cpcs slinger signaller course !

    Just looking for a job now but there mostly saying they need experience/ references

    Is there agencies what can help me with this? I’m in Milton Keynes / Northampton area

    Thanks Ryan

  19. Hi I woul like to my course to become a banks man how would I get my ticket please

  20. hi are there courses based in London by any chance?

    thank you.

  21. Hi, interested in a career change and becoming a slinger/banksman. No prior experience. Please can you advise on course costs and employment prospects with no site experience? Thanks.

  22. I have a green cscs card and want to become a banksman slinger what course do i need and whats the diffirence between cscs and cpcs

  23. I am already working as a banksman at a very busy recycling centre, but I am not required to do any slinging. I love the job but my current employer doesn’t seem to offer any further training or enhancements and the pay is pretty low.
    I am very interested in taking this course to enhance my career. I have never done a CITB health and environmental course.

  24. Hello,
    I’m planning on getting my cpcs card, but am concerned that without experience, I’ll have a hard time getting a job.

    What would you suggest?

    Kind regards,
    Seth Holland

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