Becoming a dump truck operator in construction.

Please check out our video for guidance on how to get CPCS qualified for the articulated rear tipping dump truck.



  1. Andrew Withey

    Hi could you possibly give me a price on the Cpps articulated dump truck course I have limited experience on a front ripping dumper regards AW I have no cpcs health and safety card also would I be employable after the course

  2. Siôn Jones


    I’ve sent you an email.

    We actually have a CPCS rear tipping dump truck course running next week if you are interested?

    I’ll include a CSCS health and safety test as part of the course also.


  3. Ian owen

    Hi, could you send me information on your dump truck course, price and availability in March
    Kind regards

  4. Siôn Jones


    I’ll have a CPCS rear tipping dumptruck course in mid March (A56B).

    I have sent you an email with some dates & cost.

    Hope to see you on the course.


  5. John

    Hello Sion

    Please can you send me details of rear tipping dump truck training, for March/April.
    Cost, dates and general info.

    Thank you

  6. Siôn Jones


    We run dump truck courses on a regular basis. Our next 3 day course in on the 17th March if you can make it? We’ve sent you an email with further instruction.

    thanks again,

  7. Matthew

    Hi, I’m looking at becoming a dump truck operator but i have no experience in this so not sure where to start. Could you let me know what course would be best for me and also the cost of course and anything else that i need to know.


  8. Siôn Jones

    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    My next CPCS dumptruck course is on 17th March. This is a 4 day course and is specifically for novice operators – this would provide the full training you need to get started in construction.

    I’ve sent you an email with some more info.

  9. steve brooker

    Hi si’on pls can u send me details for front loading dumper truck traing cpcs card and how much it costs and dates and where to go many thanks steve brooker

  10. Siôn Jones


    I have emailed you some info regarding the forward tipping dumper course.


  11. Martyn

    Just passed no dump truck course with Sion and Mike, what a team and place to train – in a quarry u can’t get better
    Thanks again

  12. Siôn Jones

    Thanks Martyn, much appreciated. Good luck with the new venture.

  13. Michael

    Hi mate could you send me am email of the price for a rear articulated dumper course and if possible could you do it any cheaper if 2 of us was to do the course the same time? Also my mate is concerned about the theory part of it, is it a hard theory test or with a little bit of revision should it be quite easy? kind regards Michael

  14. Siôn Jones

    If there are group bookings I’ll happily look into a discount for you and your friend. Regarding the theory test, we make this as straight forward as possible. At the start of the course, we’ll go through all of the questions with you to ensure full understanding, you’ll then have a day or two to study up. Remember the theory test is a verbal test and not written, and the questions will be asked in plain English to ensure no mis-communication.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  15. James

    Hi I’m really interested in the course. I’m a bricklayer but I’m looking to
    get into plant operating. Is it possible to get some prices and some dates. Cheers

  16. Siôn Jones

    Thanks for the enquiry, I’ve sent you an email.

  17. pat

    what size of dump truck will it enable me to drive.? im trying to get funding at the moment to do your course.- just to make sure /your course does part one and then it does the practical is this right ? .
    how much will it cost me please can you forward all the information to me please.
    thank you

  18. Siôn Jones

    Hi Pat, the CPCS A56b course covers all sizes of rear tipping articulated dump truck. The final technical (theory & practical) test will be covered in the cost.
    I’ve sent you an email with some prices and dates, these courses are generally 4 days in duration.

  19. craig

    Hi could you give me a price for the full course has im a complete novice and if there are any courses avaliable next month many thanks craig

  20. Siôn Jones

    Hi Craig, we have a CPCS articulated rear tipping dumptruck course on the 24th June. I have sent you an email.

  21. warren

    When is your next rear tipping dumptruck course and how much is it.
    I already have a dumper truck license for forwarding tipping dumper and roller

  22. Siôn Jones

    Warren, good to speak with you yesterday. Hope to see you later this month.



    Hi Sion
    could you please send me info pack about dump truck c course
    thank you

  24. Siôn Jones

    Thanks, I’ve sent you an email RE CPCS articulated dump truck course.

  25. John Edwards

    Hi , could you give me a price for rear tipping dumptruck training please , I have drove them before but it was 25years ago so I would say I’m probably very rusty , regards j edwards

  26. Siôn Jones


    We have a few CPCS courses coming up next month for the rear tipping dumptrucks (A56B), which would suit your experience.

    I’ve sent you an email with a few options & costs.


  27. mark

    how much is artic dumper course is there much work out there for no experiance drivers

  28. Siôn Jones

    Mark, I’ve sent you an email.


  29. Carl

    Hello mate, I’m looking at the adt course/test. Could you please give me cost inc vat?
    Regards, Carl.

  30. Graham Monk

    Hi, could you please send me details of any a56b courses you are running over the next couple of months. Cost and locations would be good. Thanks very much.

  31. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for the enquiry.

    Our next available course is running on the 20th October.

    We’ll have a few dates in November too but nothing confirmed yet, what would work for you?

    All of our courses are held at my site in South Wales, SA14 7NH.

    I’ve sent you an email.

    Thanks again,

  32. Siôn Jones

    Carl, I’ve sent you an email.


  33. Mihai


    You still doing this training ?
    I want some more info,please.

    Regards , Mihai.

  34. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch, I’ve sent you an email.

    Our next dumptruck course will be on the 3rd August. This is a 4 day CPCS course, with the test on the final day.

    You will need to sit your CITB health, safety and environment test beforehand.

    Our A56 dumptruck courses are limited to 3 learners and spaces fill quickly.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  35. Emma jones


    I’m writing for info for my boyfriend he would like to no prices ect on the rear tipping adt (articulated) dumper…. and also a standerd forward tipping dumper….

    Also how hard is the theory part he’s never even sat in one of these mind drive it

    Also when are your next dates he does not have a cscs card either he’s been on the rails for 5 years

    Any help much appreciated

  36. Siôn Jones

    Emma, thanks for your comment.

    I have sent you information regarding our next CPCS dumper & dumptruck courses via email.

    The theory test is very similar for both forward and rear tipping dumper/ dumptrucks. There are approx. 60 questions, that we will go over on the first day of the course. You will then have all the information you need to study for the test, which is a verbal test on the last day of the course.

    The CSCS test in included in the price of the course.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  37. Russell

    Hi, do you still do the articulated rear tip dumper training courses? I’m looking for a career change and never drove one of these before but always wanted to so I’m a complete novice , where do the courses take place and how easy is it to find a
    Company that takes on red card holders? Thanks

  38. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    We run CPCS ADT courses for novices approx every 4 – 5 weeks.

    I don’t foresee you having trouble finding work with a red card on an articulated dumptruck. This is normally more of an issue when it comes to excavators and not dumpers so much – although always better to check with your employer/ agency first.

    Our courses take place here.

    I’ve sent you an email!

    Thanks again,

  39. Ian

    Hi could you please give me a price for doing the course I am new to driving dumper trucks please Sian
    Many thanks
    Ian Hall

  40. Siôn Jones

    Ian, I have sent you an email with costs & info regarding the CPCS A56B dump-truck course.

  41. Chris Hendry

    Could you please tell me what the pass mark is on the 63 question test for a articulated dump truck been reading the theory as planning to do it?

  42. Siôn Jones

    The CPCS theory tests on a dumptruck has an 80% achievement mark.

  43. John douglas

    Hello is there any revision material available for A56b theory test?

  44. Siôn Jones

    John, we cover the theory revision for the articulated dumptruck on the course. However, the questions can be found here. Thanks

  45. Jas Singh

    Hi, I already have a forward tipping dumper ticket, but am now looking for an articulated dumper ticket. Can you please tell me the dates available and how much it will cost?

  46. Marrie Inman

    Hi Jas

    Thanks for getting in touch. I have sent you an email regarding the CPCS A56B articulated dump truck courses. Thanks

  47. Mat Thomas

    Hi could u send me prices for articulated dumped licence pls

  48. Siôn Jones

    Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve sent you some info regarding our next CPCS A56B articulated rear tipping dumptruck courses.

    Team ACOP.

  49. sam shackleton

    hi, could you send me prices of the course and next availability and is there any experience at all needed to start the course. thanks

  50. Siôn Jones

    Hi Sam, I’ve sent you an email regarding our next CPCS Articulated Dumptruck (ADT) course.


    Team ACOP

  51. Craig Lawton

    Hi I am looking to change careers from HGV driver (class 1) and am interested in Articulated Dump truck Driver. I have no qualifications within the construction/plant industry could you please send details of what courses I would need to do please. On completion of one of your courses would I have the necessary qualifications to apply for jobs straight away?
    Could you please email with the necessary information please.

  52. Siôn Jones

    Craig, thanks for your comment. We have sent you an email with information on our CPCS ADT courses.


    Team ACOP

  53. Jon

    I am looking to a change of career and am interested
    in an Articulated Dump truck Driver. I have no qualifications within the construction/plant industry at the current time.Could you please send details of which course/courses I would need to do. On completion of one of your courses would I have the necessary skills/qualifications to apply for a job as an operator straight away?

  54. Siôn Jones

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    There are two steps in becoming a Dumptruck operator.

    You must first complete a CITB Health, Safety and Environment test.

    You can then sit the CPCS course with us.

    I’ve sent you an email with more info.

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

  55. Paul lazenby

    Do you do courses over weekend

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