Printable logbooks

If you have lost a logbook, or require a new one. You can now print your own.

*You’ll be sent a logbook after you receive your first blue card, this is so you can start recording all work undertaken. When your blue card is up for renewal, you’ll need to show a minimum of 300 hours pro rata for each category. if not, you’ll need to sit a practical or site based assessment on each category to renew your blue card.




  1. where can i get a logbook from as i lost mine when i got layed off just before christmas

  2. Where can I find a printable version does anyone know?

  3. Hi,
    After returning from Ireland, i realised i lost my log book. Where do i get replacement. Been piloting plant over 30 years all over on all categories.

  4. sorry cant get the link to load is there another link to download cpcs telehandler logbook cheers chris

  5. Hi wend you renew your 360 excavator do you need 300 hours on each like 300 A59A, A59B,A59c? Or 300 all toghether?

  6. How do i down load log book for blue card holder track machine

  7. Are can I buy one need it asap

  8. i have sat and passed my cpcs card renewal however received a letter to say I am due an audit. please can you help

  9. Hi looking for a Validator to sign cpcs f1/3 form as I list my log book,any help would be appreciated

  10. ive been driving 360 and 180 machines for 15 tickets run out in 4 weeks, the company that i worked for has gone bust and i need my hours validating, i have all my work time sheets etc. i need to renew my cards , can anyone help me out please. steve

  11. I lost my logbook? I pass renew test and HS&E I got to do this Saturday. What else i need to do?

  12. Where n how much for log book

  13. You can by a logbook on eBay for £15.00.

  14. Hi mate I am working cscs&cpcs telehandler 7 year I lost my book please send me new book thanks

  15. Can i download a log book.or do i have to buy one as i need 1 360 + dumper going blue.

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