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I’ve had a number of enquiries from agencies and plant firms in search of CPCS rear tipping articulated dumptruck operators over the last week.

If you’d like to book onto our next course and enhance you employment prospects, please get in touch.


  1. Hi I passed my test on the 9th of Feb on articulated dumptruck and ride on roller. The problem I have is I only done a 1 day course on both these so I don’t have any real knolage or experience which is making it hardto get work. Is there any course that you do just to give me a full day on a dumper to get used to driving it. Many thanks.

  2. Hi I am looking to do the dumper course but worry about the experience side of it as a lot of employers look for experienceis there a course that covers the relevant hours needed,finally I would like to know the pricethanks

  3. Hi sion I would just like to say thankyou for for your help and support when I was doing my 360 and rear tipper recently

  4. I wish to CPCS licence for an articulated dump truck,could you please let me know of courses coming up and the cost of a course,cheers,Rich

  5. Hi I was just wandering when your next course are for articulated dump trucks and 360 excavator and what the cost is thanks.

  6. hi there im interested in doing the articulated dump truck course and would be great full if you could give me some dates that the course is available and the cost of the course. i did hold the trained operators ticket before but failed to get any experience working for any body due to a lack of experience if that makes any sense but that was back in 2004 so long expired now.

    look forward to hearing from you soon thanks

  7. hi sion dont know if u remember me i did dumtruck, forward dumper and roller course dec 2011, my question is when i do my nvq, blue card on the rear tipping dump truck will the forward tipping dumper be covered as well, or do i have to do separatley, thanks

  8. Hi
    Do you have any dates for when you will holding your next course after the July 1st one?


  9. hi im looking at doing a dumptruck course but havent a clue where to start and how much the course is so any help would be appreciated thanks.

  10. I would like a CPCS (A56) licence for an articulated dump truck,could you please let me know of courses coming up and the cost of a course please, thanks

  11. hi sion im looking at doing the articulated dump truck cpcs ticket I currently work in a quarry and have about 2000 hours on the dumper have done an nvq for it but no cpcs would u be able to just do the theory side and a practical with me if so how much would this be many thanks russ

  12. Hi does a ride on roller ticket cover you for an articulated roller pls and thanks in advance

  13. Hey Siôn Jones I would like to do an Articulated dump truck course however i have no experience of working on a site, would this be a problem?

    Could you let me know when you are next doing an ADT Course and how much this would cost please


  14. what cscs card would I need to learn a forward or rear tip dumper? also could you tell me of what course you have and the price please? thanks

  15. Hi, i am interested in doing the cpcs rear tipping dumper truck course, and was wondering if i could have some info on when the next course is and how much it is. Any other info would be great.

    Regards, Mark.

  16. Hi just wondering how much it costs for articulated dump truck and where would the course be I’m I’m Newark notts ng24 also when is next course cheers

  17. Hi there. I have recently passed ma Atd test. Does the ticket cover me for the forward tipping dumper aswell.

  18. hi there just wondering if you could help me how do i upgrade my forward and rear tipping dumper tickets from red to blue im working at the minute on the forward tipping dumper and i dont know how to do this do i need another hs test and theory on both of these do i need to keep a log book for my hours to prove im competent i really dont know anything about changing from red to blue and also does the nvq cover both or do i need to do two seperate nvqs and how much does this cost cheers lee

  19. Hi

    I have sat my front loading dumper ticket but am needing to upgrade to an articulated dumper. Could you help me to do this please

  20. Hi
    I have been driving an Articulated Dump Truck for last ten years in a quarry
    All training and certificates were done inhouse
    I would like to upgrade to cpcs card as i have been offered another job
    Could you please give me an idea of how much this would cost

  21. Hi sion just wondering the price for adt course cheers

  22. Hi I am just wondering how I go about renewing my trained operators card. It ran out in August last year along with my CSCS card. What HS&E test should I take and would I have to sit both HS&E test as well as CSCS test before I can apply for NVQ?

    And what is the cost of NVQ for forward tipping dumper ? Also if I booked NVQ for forward tipping dumper and ADT dumper course would at the same time would there be any sort of deal you could offer?

  23. Hi sion I was just wondering when your next rear tipping dumper course is please could you email me the details please

  24. I’m interested in taking the A09 dumper test can you email me soon info pls

  25. Hello, I am interested in A56 Dumper Truck course, any info on price, where and when the course takes place would be great. Thanks

  26. Morning,

    I have some experience operating forward tipping dumpers and a little experience operating a 360 excavator 3-10 ton. I have telehandler red card and irish experienced 360 operator card.
    Could I do the one day course and be ok for the test on the articulated dumper? Thanks

  27. Email sent. Thanks

  28. hiya I have 9t forward tipping dumper npors ticket can I operate a 360 forward tipping dumper with my current training.

  29. Hi Omar. Thanks for getting in touch.
    I have sent you an email. Many thanks

  30. hi Sion
    I have got the red NPORS for 360 and forward tipping dumper.
    I also have a hgv1 and have driven 8wheel muck tippers in London for
    10 years.
    I am now interested in doing the a59b dump truck course, can you email me some info on next course.

  31. Hi Martin
    Thanks for getting in touch. I have emailed you some information regarding the CPCS A56B Dump truck course. Many thanks

  32. Hi I want to do a certificate for dump truck so I am really worried about it expiring,how long does it take for that certificate to expire after making it?

  33. Hello
    Wounder if you could help , I drove articulated dumpers years ago ,and would like to do it again but need cpcs card ,
    Could you please give me details of how to go about this matter
    Thanks for your help
    David ( Northampton area )

  34. Hi

    Looking at doing my adt soon with no experience
    Just wanted to know can I get a adt job on the red card? So I can get my experience to do my blue card? Thanks Tom

  35. Hello please email me the details of ADT course and prices ima blue carded telescopic handler looking to add another string to my bow. want to get on a course pretty quick. cheers , Adam.

  36. Hello!please tell me available dates and cost for cpcs ADT..

  37. How long is the dump truck cert valued for

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