Rotary Telehandler Course


Due to popular demand. We have another Rotary Telehandler course coming up soon.

Please enquire here for more information.

In the meantime, help us answer the burning question over which make of 360 telescopic handler is hottest?

Merlo, Manitou or Bobcat?


  1. Ellie

    My vote goes to Merlo, for sure

  2. Euros davies

    How much is cpcs telehandler course

  3. Siôn Jones

    Thanks Euros, I’ve sent you an email.
    Was it the 360 Telehandler you were specifically interested in or just the standard type?

  4. jonny hayward

    can i get some further details on this course and of anything similar please?

  5. Siôn Jones

    No problem, I’ve sent you an email.

  6. Piers Griffiths

    Hi could you send me some details please, i did speak to you on the phone a couple of months ago about the 360 course,


  7. Siôn Jones

    Hi Piers, thanks for getting back in touch. I’ll give you a call tomorrow to let you know what’s involved.


  8. john

    manitou 4 sure

  9. Stephen Harte

    Hi could you send me some details on the 360 course please.

  10. David Moore

    Could you please give me the location of your courses and a price please thank you

  11. Siôn Jones

    Hi Stephen,

    Good to talk with you yesterday.

    I can fit you in on next Thursday for a practical test.

    Please let me know if this is convenient?


  12. Siôn Jones

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the enquiry.

    The CPCS courses are all held at my site in South Wales (see contact page).

    Can you give me an idea of your experience (if any?) and also whether you already hold a CPCS card (or equivalent?) on the telehandler?

    That way i can give you a comprehensive quote according to your individual needs.

    Look forward to your response.

  13. mark

    Hi sion Jones
    I hold a CPCS telehandler card but want to increase it to a 360, how much would the full course would be.
    Many thanks Mark

  14. stuart boyd

    i have a blue A17 telehandler ticket and would like to upgrade to 360, could you tell me the cost and details of the course, and does the 360 endorsement go onto my blue card?
    sr boyd.

  15. Siôn Jones

    Hi Stuart,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    If you have a telehandler already on blue, then yes the roto-handler will go straight to blue also.

    You’ll be pleased to know there is no theory test required either.

    I’ve sent you an email.


  16. john

    hi im just curious how much is the telehandler course 360 and normal??
    thanks john

  17. Siôn Jones

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your enquiry.

    Regarding the standard telehandler course (A17C), this is a 3-4 day course, upon achievement you will receive your CPCS red card.

    Regarding the 360 slew telehandler (A17D), this is an intensive 5-6 day course.

    I’ve send an email with some costs and additional info.


    Siôn Jones

  18. Colin Livingstone

    I have my blue card cpcs telescopic handler an want to get my 360 selew how much will the course cost ? Thanks

  19. Siôn Jones

    Good to speak with you earlier Colin. Look forward to seeing you on the next course on Friday 3rd May.

    Thanks again,

  20. roy heyes

    hello how much is a tele handler rotary course and 360 slew thanks

  21. Siôn Jones

    Do you have any experience on the 360 (roto) telehandlers or have held any sort of qualification on a telescopic handler/ forklift?

    If not, it might be worth you completing the standard (fixed boom) telehandler test prior to upgrading to the roto-handler. This is often the commonest route for new operators. Let me know your thoughts?

    I have sent you an email with some more info.

    Speak soon,

  22. andrew

    i currently hold a telescopic handler blue card.I would like to know how much it would cost to upgrade to the 360 slew.

  23. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for the enquiry.

    I have a 3day course coming up on the 7th April, which is on a Merlo 25.40 Rotohandler and includes training on the winch and remote operated basket.

    Have you operated 360 telehandlers before?

    Feel free to give me a call if you would like to discuss any of this.

  24. jon

    Hi, I am a skilled labourer and I want to start to train on machinery. Could you please advise me on the courses I should take for telehandlers and dumper trucks and how much it is likely to cost me to get into a position where I could start applying for jobs.

    Thank you.


  25. Siôn Jones

    Hi Jon,

    We have a telehandler (fixed boom and roto), rear tipping dump truck and forward tipping dumper courses going on every month. These courses typically range for 2 days to 5 days in duration. Depending on experience.

    I have sent you an email with some costs and dates.

    Thanks again,

  26. Cai jones

    Hi I was wondering if you could give me a price for fixed boom telehandler course which would cover me to work in the rail industry. I have a few years experience driving forklifts both counter and reach and minimal experience in a telehandler I would be looking to do this course ASAP

  27. Siôn Jones

    Thanks Cai, I’ve sent you an email.

  28. vasile lacatus

    please,price for courses telehandler 360- novice.

  29. Siôn Jones


    I have sent you an email regarding our CPCS 360 telehandler/ roto courses.


  30. Adam cummings

    Hi i have completee my nvq in my cpcs excavator and telehandler so my blue card should be with me within the next few weeks can you tell me how much the 360 slew course is please for the forks and will that enable me to drive all 360 slew telehandlers? How long is the course and how much will it cost including vat ? Also will it be put onto my blue card with my normal telehandler all sizew once completed? Cheers Adam

  31. Siôn Jones

    Thank you Adam, I’ve sent you an email.

  32. Jason Thomas

    Im trying to find out about a.merlo ticket price and date .and location

  33. Siôn Jones

    Hi Jason

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    We offer the CPCS A77 360 Slew Telehandler course. The training takes place at our Centre in West Wales.

    If you are an experienced telehandler operator, we offer a 5 day course. Costs have been emailed to you.

    However, if you don’t have any experience, we would strongly recommend that you attend a standard telehandler course first, and gain experience on that before moving up to the 360 Slew.

    We currently have availability from October onwards.

    Kind regards,

    Team ACOP

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