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  1. mick mathers

    Hi could you tell me how much it would cost to do the training on the JCB 3CX and how many days it would take. i have certificates for counter balance, reach telehandler and MEWP



  2. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for the enquiry.

    The CPCS 180 excavator course (A12) is normally 10 days in duration.

    I’ve sent you an email with some more info.


  3. Ian

    Hi could you forward details and costs for the training on the JCB 3CX

    Regards Ian

  4. Siôn Jones

    Ian, a course on a 180 excavator will a minimum of 10 days. I’ve sent you an email.


  5. marlon

    Hi can I get information on the course and cost for the jcb 3cx course. thanks

  6. Siôn Jones


    I’ve sent you an email with details of the next A12 CPCS course.


  7. Scott

    How old do you have to be and how much would it cost to do the training for the 3cx ?

  8. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Do you have any previous experience on excavators? Or are you starting from scratch?

    There is no age discrimination for training, and no restrictions under the CPCS scheme as far as I am aware.

    I have sent you an email.


  9. Alex brine

    Hi I am taking my health safety an environment test in the coming week an want to start training for my cpcs on 3cx I have had previous experience in the machine but need to practice digging to tolerance an all the other smaller emails of the test to get the card
    Regards Alex

  10. Siôn Jones

    Excellent Alex, please give us a call and we’ll get you booked in (01269 844 155).

  11. Colin

    Hi was interested in a 3cx training how much does it cost and is their anywhere in Scotland thanks

  12. Siôn Jones

    Thanks for getting in touch.
    We are based in South Wales, although I hear that flights to Cardiff are quite reasonable!!
    I have sent you an email regarding 180 excavator training with us.
    Thanks again.

  13. Colin

    Hi thanks for getting back could you please send the email again as a can’t see it

  14. john Atkinson

    I have a cpcs 180 deg ticket but not used a machine for quite a while, would I need a refresher coarse and if so how much would it cost

  15. Marrie Inman

    Hi John

    Thanks for getting in touch. I have emailed you with some details. Many thanks Team ACOP

  16. Damian

    Please send me details also on jcb 3cx training. Thank you.

  17. Siôn Jones


    I’ve sent you an email regarding CPCS 180 excavator training.


    Team ACOP

  18. karl faulconbridge

    Hi I’ve had a 180 3cx license before it ran out in 2005 but still use one on private looking for a refresher but not sure of costs..was hoping it would be cheaper if I already know how to operate one..plz advize costs.thx in advance

  19. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Regarding a refresher course on the 180 excavator, how long do you think you’ll need to get back into the swing of things?

    Would one day theory revision, one day practical familiarisation and then CPCS test on 3rd day be sufficient do you think?
    Or even, one day theory and practical revision (combined) followed by the CPCS test on the 2nd day?

    I’ve sent you an email with a little more info.
    Thanks again,


  20. Tony

    Hi I am interested in a 3cx training how much does it cost, could you also send me information on how long the training is and what is involved tests etc.

  21. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for your email.

    I have sent you some info on out CPCS A12 180 excavator course.

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

  22. john adams

    hi i live in chesterfield i have had a 3cx licence years ago how much would it cost to get it back please

  23. Siôn Jones


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Could you send me your CPCS registration number and i’ll check up on what steps you need to take to renew?


    Team ACOP

  24. Dave Morgan

    Hi, I live in London and am interested in JCB 3CX training. Could you inform price(s), location(s), detailed description of what is covered in the course or courses, and how long does the course(es) are for for?


  25. Edward

    Does a 3cx ticket cover a 2cx

  26. Siôn Jones

    Hi Eddie,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    The CPCS A12 category covers 180 excavators above and below 5 tonnes and therefore does cover the 2CX.

    However, as the 2cx comes in below 5 tonnes, you could always just go for the A10 category. Although this wouldn’t then cover the 3cx (above 5 tonnes).

    Hope that makes sense?

    All the best,

    Team ACOP

  27. Janet Hall

    Hi. Please can you tell me do we need training/licence for agricultural use, with road travel only on a JCB 3CX

  28. Siôn Jones

    Hi Janet,

    Thanks you very much for the enquiry.

    Regarding road travel specifically, this machine would be covered under a normal class B (car) UK driving licence.

    However, if you are operating the machine on your premises, regardless of industry i.e. agriculture/ construction. It’s the employers responsibility to ensure that the operator is trained/ qualified. I would therefore recommend some training or an experienced worker assessment (if suitably experienced) as proof of training/ competence.

    Hope this helps?

    Please get in touch if we can be can be of further assistance.

    Thanks again,

    Team ACOP

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