360 Excavator NVQ (grading/reinstatement)

Here’s Mr G.Thomas from Pembrokeshire demonstrating some superb grading on a JCB 145 360 excavator.

He has successfully completed his NVQ Level 2 in plant operations with us and is looking to complete his Rear Tipping Dump Truck CPCS technical test next.


  1. Wayne Pritchard


    At nearly 46 I have always had a lifelong burning ambition to be able to operate 360 machinery.
    It would be most appreciated if you could advise me if there are any sessions available for training.
    Your reply would be gratefully recieved.

    Best wishes

  2. Siôn Jones

    I have sent an email to your account.

    Thanks for the enquiry,


  3. R. Anderson


    I work for a company in Ammanford, we help fund courses for people. Would it be possible to give me prices for 360 excavator and 180 courses please? are there different prices for different levels of experience? Could you also tell me what the situation is with the NVQ e.g is it needed initially before someone can get a job driving the machinery? Do you have to be in a job firsr to do the nvq?

    Any info would be great.

    Kind regards


  4. luke ODriscoll

    Hello sion i was wondering how much the course would cost?.
    Im quite able on the machine but i would like to pursue it full time.

  5. Siôn Jones

    Thanks for the enquiry, it was good to talk with you afterwards. I hope you found the information useful.



  6. Siôn Jones

    Luke, thanks for the enquiry mate. I’ve sent you an email in response, I just need to get a better idea of your level of experience and I can provide you with a comprehensive quote. hope that helps?

  7. Rhys

    hello i am looking to take up a course to get my 360 excavator licens and would like to know how much it would be. I am 21 just incase my age effects anything and would like to know also is there anything i need before i sit the course.

    Kind Regards
    Rhys Coslett

  8. Siôn Jones

    Thanks for enquiry Rhys, I have send you an email directly.



  9. Kieran Gee

    Could you please let me know the costs for the 360 excavator license and availability of courses please. I am 24 years old and currently do not have a job in this industry although have a hiab license. Thank you.

  10. Siôn Jones

    A reply has been sent to your email address.

  11. Siôn Jones

    A two week course is likely to be your best bet, I’ve sent you some information via email.
    Thanks for the enquiry,

  12. Siôn Jones

    Thanks for the enquiry, I’ve sent you an email with some details regarding cost & availability.

  13. Andrew Murphy

    Hi Sion
    I am soon to be made redundant and have been informed there will be React monies available to retrain, so I am concidering lots of options one of which is JCB 360 Training, I would be an absoulute novice so would requirer the intensive training could you provide me with costs and any other advice that you can provide.
    Your,s Sincerely
    Andrew Murphy

  14. Siôn Jones

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the enquiry, I’ve emailed you with some details.

    In brief;
    You’ll need to visit your local Careers Wales office, they will provide you with all the forms and information for claiming the ReAct grant for re-training.
    These forms will need to be filled in by both you and I (your training provider). The whole process takes about 2-3 weeks for grant approval.
    Good luck with it and let me know how you get on.


  15. Andrew Murphy

    Thanks Sion
    Thanks for the Info, will contact my local Careers, and will get back to you in due course.
    Once again Thanks
    Andrew Murphy

  16. jonny hayward

    can you please send me some details and prices for this course?

  17. Siôn Jones

    If you’re looking to complete an NVQ, I’ll need to speak with you about your previous experience beforehand.
    Please give me a call to discuss. Thanks,

  18. david

    hi sion ,how much is the excavator 360 licence i haqve been working as a driver out in australia for the past 2 years and have a australian excavator 360 licence would it cover me here in the uk ? thanks

  19. Siôn Jones

    Hi David,
    From my experience it’s very unlikely the Australian licence will cover you here. Most sites in the UK are quite keen on having a CPCS licence or an equivalent awarding body. This is partly due to the difference in legislation between EU & non EU countries. I have sent you an email with some more info all the same. Hope that helps.
    Thanks for the enquiry,

  20. Paul

    I have a Telehandler Blue Card, NVQ 2, but I have been looking online for available courses on a 360 slew , without any luck. I would like to find out more information on what courses are available, where, costs, funding ( if available ) and what the market is like for newly qualified operators. Any information would be appreciated.

  21. Siôn Jones

    Good of you to get in touch.

    Regarding the 360 excavator, this can be difficult if you have little or no experience as many sites often ask for blue card holders on the 360.
    However, I have a short course starting next tuesday on the excavator, 4-5 days training although this would best suit someone with some previous experience on excavators.

    Regarding grants,
    If you have been made redundant from full time employment (in the last 6 months) or if you or your relatives own a working farm and have a policy number, then you may be in luck.

    I’ve emailed you with some more info.


  22. Ryan tester

    Hi mate I have a little bit of expire nice on a digger and I’ve just turned 20 how Mutch would it be for me to do my licence thanks ryan

  23. Siôn Jones

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the enquiry.

    Please get in touch this week and we can discuss things further – as I’ve have a course coming up next month that may suit you.

    I’ve sent you an email with some instruction.

    Kind regards,

  24. stuart

    Hey there looking to see how much i can do 360for above and below can work them no bother as i work doing the wind turbines and sling steel all day private prop just now but but need ticket if anyone can get back would be great tryd sibbald and fordes

  25. Doug Wilson

    Hi, Im interested in pursuing a career in jcb 360. I have no prior experience, but would like some info, regarding courses and fees. Thanks

  26. Siôn Jones

    Thanks for the enquiry, I have sent you an email.

  27. derek larke

    hi im very interested in getting my 360 licence but just want a bit more info like what age can you start what sort of prise am i looking at and where i an start thanks

  28. Colin

    Hi, Im interested in pursuing a career in jcb 360. I have no prior experience, but would like some info, regarding courses and fees. Thanks

  29. Gary

    Hi sion

    I’m unemployed & want to add some more qualifications
    in hope it might help me I have worked on machines before &
    have a few tickets
    I’ve got my cscs card & front end loader, flt truck, bobcat cert
    A few others like abestos awareness etc but I was wondering,
    what the 20 tonne 360 excavator licence covers me to drive? Also could you
    Send me a price

    Thanks in advance


  30. Siôn Jones

    Hi Gary,

    Provided you complete your CPCS Technical Test on a tracked 360 that is above 10 tonnes in weight.

    You’ll be covered to operate all sizes of tracked 360 excavator – under the CPCS scheme.

    The cost will however depend on your level of experience.

    I have emailed you some additional info.


  31. chris allen

    hi sion

    im after some information regarding costs and courses for operating a 360


  32. Siôn Jones

    Hi Chris,

    If you have some previous experience on the 360, let me know what type of work you’ve done and I can provide a quote for you?

    The course istself will be carried out on a 13tonne excavator, and as a result you will then cover you to operate all sizes of 360 tracked excavator.

    I run 360 courses on a frequent basis and if you are interested I’ll reserve you a place and send you some dates.

    At the end of the course you will be put through a CPCS Technical test, upon achievement you will then gain your red ‘trained operators’ licence and this card lasts 2 years.
    After 2 years, you’ll need to complete your NVQ Level 2 in plant operations to get your blue ‘competent operator’ card. This is quite straight forward, but you will need to have gained sufficient experience on the machine by that point.

    I sent you an email a little while ago, hope you got it.


  33. Siôn Jones

    Hi Colin,

    I hope you got my email last month, let me know what you decided to do?


  34. Ray

    Hello I have no previous experience on 360 could u give me a rough idea how much it would cost and is there any possible funding towards the cost

    Many thanks ray

  35. Siôn Jones

    No problem Ray, just sent you an email.


  36. Mark

    Hello I have nvq level 2 in amenity horticulture (cemeterys&graveyard) of which I done 7 units.my question is one of my units was in the operation of specialised plant & machinery. I’ve used excavators&dumper at my workplace for 13yrs of which I was tested on for the nvq. Would this help in my obtaining a blue card after I complete a cpsc assessment .

  37. Siôn Jones

    Hi Mark,
    If you have the certificate to prove that you’ve completed the NVQ, then this will certainly help towards your blue card.
    The NVQ (national vocational qualification) has since changed to NQF (national qualification framework), but this shouldn’t make a difference. Under the older NVQ scheme you’ll need units VR01, VRO2, VR386, VR389 and VR391 to gain a blue card on the 360 and dumper.

    Feel free to email me a copy of your certs and i’ll happily look into it.


  38. jamie

    hi i have 4 years experience on 360’s buy would like to get my ticket could you please send me some info or a contact number thanks jamie

  39. Siôn Jones

    No problem Jamie. I’ve sent you an email.


  40. Ash Smith

    Hi there Sion,

    I am Uni Student studying Civil Engineering and I was wondering if you could be able to let me know the cost and possible locations of where you run the tests.

    I haven’t really had any prior experience of driving any machinery but I think it will help me greatly if I have more qualifications when it comes to looking for a job after I graduate and During summers off.


  41. Stuart Millar

    I am currently unemployed and on Jobseeker’s Allowance, where could I get funding for 360 excavator ticket?

  42. Craig Scott

    Good afterrnoon sión,
    I was just wondering if you could send me some prices or information on funding if any is available. I am looking to gain a license on a 360.
    I have around 75 hours gained on a 4 1\2 tonn.
    i look forward to your reply,

  43. Siôn Jones

    Hi Stuart,

    If you have chat with your local jobcentre they may be able to guide you in the right direction with that one.
    In my experience, if you can prove that the training will lead to a job, then they are far more likely to find you some funding.
    However, a two week course on a 360 excavator may be outside of their budget, you are far more likely to get some funding if you stick to the shorter courses .i.e. the likes of dumpers, rollers, tractors etc.

    Let me know how you get on.


  44. Paul Weller

    I have a red card 360 ticket which allows me to operate a machine, now I need some training to learn how to drive them , as clearly there is a difference, so as to gain a blue card.I don’t need a course, just some experience with someone who knows the score, as you know most sites want blue cards, my No is 0**********, I live in Medway, maybe something can be arranged.
    Thanks Paul.

  45. Siôn Jones

    Good to speak with you earlier Paul.
    I appreciate your concern with many sites asking for blue card operators on the 360, it makes gaining experience very difficult for many new operators. However, this is certainly not always the case, or there would be no new operators coming through the scheme and that would potentially create a lot of problems.
    I will happily spend a few days working with you as it sounds like you’ll benefit from some refresher training to re-build your confidence on the 360 and learn some tips and techniques to help you on your way.


  46. michael lee

    Hi sion. I am 35 years old and looking to do a course where I can do a 360 digger course to work on different sites. I have no experience with this but have experience as a ground worker. How much is a 360 digger course, how long are the courses, is there funding available to help with this as im on jsa. I’m based in suffolk but can travel. Any info you can give me as to the best options to take will be appreciated. Many thanks Michael

  47. Steve Flood

    Hi Sion.
    would it be possible for you to give me some info on the chance’s of training as a 360 driver, I am 53 years old and and have just be made redundant.

  48. Siôn Jones

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    I will make some enquiries regarding funding options, as I am based in Wales, a number of the schemes will vary greatly.

    Regarding the excavator course, it is 10 days in duration and covers you on all sizes of tracked excavator. My next available course is in August.

    There are a quite few websites and apps out there that advertise plant operator jobs, it would well be worth you looking so see what’s coming up in your area and tailor your training around that.

    I have sent you an email with some more info.

    Thanks again,

  49. Siôn Jones

    No problem Steve, I’ve sent you an email.

  50. chris

    my red card expired 2years ago. can you send me some prices on retraining. thanks chris

  51. Siôn Jones

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Regarding your red card, as it has expired for over 12 months. You’ll need to complete NVQ first and then a CPCS Technical test.

    You must be able to demonstrate sufficient experience to achieve the NVQ unit.

    I have sent you an email with some additional info.

    Hope that helps?


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