What is the ReAct Scheme?

Redundancy Action (ReAct) is a package of support that will assist individuals to gain new skills, overcome obstacles and improve their chances of returning to work in the shortest time possible.

ReAct isn’t just about financial support. The scheme is a partnership between Careers Wales, Jobcentre Plus and the Welsh Government. It’s also about offering plenty of other support and information on all aspects of job hunting.

How much will I get?

At present ReAct offer training grants of up to £1,500. This is to help you get the skills you need to land a job. You can train while you are job hunting or you can go on courses to get the skills you need even if you plan to become self employed eventually.

Travelling expenses and accommodation can also be claimed whilst training.

There’s also a £3,080 wage subsidy for prospective employers, this is a real incentive for any company wishing to take you on.

If any further training requirements are identified following employment, a sum of £1000 can be claimed to assist with this.

How can ACoP Training help?

For those with little or no experience working on construction plant, we offer bespoke courses that will develop your competence on any number of categories of plant machinery and develop your experience on some of the broader areas of construction.

Contacting ReAct

You can get more information on ReAct from your local Careers Wales office or from learndirect on 0800 100 900.

You can also contact the ReAct team:


The ReAct Team
Ty’r Llyn
Waterside Business Park
Clôs Llyn Cwm
Swansea Enterprise Park


ReAct Team: 01792 765888



ReAct Team: 01792 765801