Level 2 NVQ Diploma Controlling Lifting Operations (Construction): Slinger/Signaller


This Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Controlling Lifting Operations – Slinger/Signaller provides the opportunity for individuals who specialise in slinging and signalling activities to carry out and control lifting operations to demonstrate their competence.

The units in this qualification are derived from National Occupational Standards.

The learner will learn key practical skills and knowledge in these mandatory units:
-Attaching and Preparing Suspended Loads for Movement Using Lifting Accessories in the Workplace
-Guiding, Positioning and Placing Suspended Loads in the Workplace
-Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace
-Conforming to productive working practices in the workplace


For further qualification information please visit NOCN.slinger/ signallerThe aim of this qualification is to recognise the knowledge, skills and competence demonstrated by an individual in the workplace.