CSCS Black card (Manager)

CSCS black card for a manager or senior manager.

cscs black card manager

To gain the black card you will need to achieve a minimum of the Level 4 NVQ Diploma in construction site management.

You will also need to achieve the CITB Health, safety and environment test for managers and professionals.

We offer the following management level qualification to satisfy these requirements;

Level 4 Diploma in construction site management : Building & Civil engineering

This qualification comprises of the following units;

  • F3H0 04 – Develop and Maintain Good Working Relationships
  • F3GS 04 – Allocate Work and Check People‚Äôs Performance
  • F3H6 04 – Establish, Implement and Maintain Systems for Managing Health, Safety and Welfare
  • F3H7 04 – Evaluate and Select Work Methods
  • F3HC 04 – Monitor Project Activities
  • F3GW 04 – Control Project Progress against Agreed Quality Standards
  • F3GV 04 – Control Project Progress against Agreed Programmes
  • F3HB 04 – Manage Your Personal Development
  • F3H1 04 – Enable Learning Opportunities
  • F3GT 04 – Contribute to the Identification of a Work Team
  • F3H5 04 – Establish, Control and Monitor Environmental Factors and Sustainability
  • F3HJ 04 – Plan the Preparation of the Site for the Project
  • F3H2 04 – Ensure that Work Activities and Resources Meet Project Work Requirements
  • F3H9 04 – Identify, Allocate and Plan the Deployment and Use of Plant, Equipment or Machinery
  • F3HD 04 – Organise, Control and Monitor Supplies of Materials
  • F3H3 04 – Establish and Monitor Communication Systems and Organisational Procedures
  • F3H4 04 – Establish Dimensional Control Criteria
  • F3GY 04 – Control Project Quantities and Costs
  • F3H8 04 – Evaluate Feedback Information and Recommend Improvements

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