360 Telescopic Handler Training

Here’s a view from the basket of a new Merlo Roto 40.26MCS Telehandler, during this weeks training course.

That is one mammoth tele handler! Or is it a MEWP cherry picker?

Merlo Roto 40.16MCS Telescopic Handler


  1. Edward, I’ve sent you an email.

    We have a CPCS A17D course starting on Monday!

    Hope to hear form you soon.



  2. Hi Sion

    I just wanted to enquire about telescopic 360 slew training. Where is this available and what price?

    Kind Regards

    Tony Crookes

  3. Tony,

    Thanks for the enquiry.

    Have you any prior experience on the 360 slew rotohandlers or do you already hold the A17C – Telescopic handler (all sizes excluding 360 slew) on a CPCS card?

    We are based in South Wales.


  4. Hi sion, I have my telehandler ticket blue card. Can you tell me how long and cost off course for the 360 slew. Cheers Keith

  5. Keith,

    I have sent you an email, with a few options for 360 (roto) telehandler CPCS courses.

    thanks again,

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